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Lousy. Few Weeks

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My condition has not babe good Worsened nueropathy in feet and fingertips ,vertigo.fatuige. We were in Orlando, used wheelchair in airports. My mom palaces while donn there and. Yesterday she was laid to rest. Couldn't make my Live strong at the Y and Thusday I will see mu gyn/onc for maybe diffent chemo. I think I am toxic now. Resting today and thinking obf you.Hope you are well.....Val

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for all you are going through, Val. I hope your doctors come up with something to get you back on track to remission. My condolences to you and your family.


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Glad to be done
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Val I am sorry you are having such a sucky time.... My doc has me on gabapentin for my neuropathy and it works great. I do good taking the lowest dose twice a day... I hope the days get better for you. You will be in my prayers.

I too send my condolances.

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So sorry about your mom. Stay strong and feel better Val.

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Dear Val! I had vertigo fatuige about 4 years ago, Doctor give me Valuem . After 2-3 peals Vertigo was gone! About neuropathy, I got it too. I am on Lyrica peals 3 times a day almost for year now. It not make me feel better, but keeps it in a bay. Today I was in oncology department, over there on tabeles I found magazin " Coping with cancer" November/December 2012. Veri good artical "Take Control of Neuropathy". You hade very hard phisical and emotional time, sure it is worsened your health. Take care of your self Val, love you, Zina. ( Please forgive me my English, I did resieve my chemo today and I not feel like I will work with mine Russian-English dictionary). :)

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Hi Val,
I am so sorry for your loss. I am also sorry you are having so many side effects. I too feel your pain as I am going through the same thing right now.I had chemo today and feel an uneasy heaviness in my body and increased neuropathy. I don't feel like my chemo is working as my CA125 was up to 1700's today. I had back surgery last week so my DR feels this may be contributing to the rise in the marker. I just don't feel this treatment is working as I am not feeling my abdominal pain subsiding. I asked to see the DR and have an appt on Thursday as well. I will ask him about the neuropathy. In e past he suggested I take Alpha Lopic Acid. Which I do but not faithfully. I will ask him about the Gabeplatin that everyone says helps. I know it doesn't repair the nerves but may make them feel better and more tolerable. I am not sure if there are other side effects associated with this. I will share any new information I find out to help with the neuropathy. I hope you get some positive answers as well. Try to stay strong. I know it can be discouraging...especially around the Holidays! Sending you positive energy and strength! <3 Michele

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So sorry to hear about your Mom. I'm hoping that maybe your ONC will give you a month off to let your body detox. ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) Maria

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I am so sorry things have been so bad for you. I continue to pray for strength and peace for you as well as help with chemo side effects. I sure hope better days are coming for you. I agree with Maria that maybe taking a month off chemo right now might be the best medicine. How many chemo treatments of carbo have you had this time? I was scheduled for 6 but he now wants me to go a few more. Pamper yourself Val and feel better soon. Hugs! Linda

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I hope you feel better real soon.

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Thank you so much for checking in and thinking of us, even when you're feeling so badly. I'm so sorry too about your beloved mom. I am hoping and praying that you will find some relief soon. You so deserve a break from the pain and discomfort!

Big hugs,


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Glad to be done
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Hi Val thinking of you and wondering how you are doing?

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So sorry you are both going through so much. Sending many thoughts and prayers, and hoping that by now you are both finding some relief.


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Thank you Monika

I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and prayers! As we all do, it is one day at a time.

Val, are you feeling any better?

Good health and high hopes to all!!!!! <3 Michele

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Dear Val,

I am soo sorry for your loss.....I am sure that is not helping you feel better at all........All I wanted do after my Mom was sleep......so if that's what you need to do, then do it.......taking care of yourself is key, and much easier said than done......Again, soo sorry. Please take care....Lisa

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You have so much going on I hope you can rest and heal !
Thinking of you !

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