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Am I getting better or just getting older...or both??????

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Went for my semi-annual blood draw today. Normally it's a bit of a hassle...I have no fully working veins in my elbows anymore (thank you, cancer, for blowing them all!). This time, with the requested 'butterfly' pediatric needle, the tech hit the first time!!!! Good thing, too...the next try would have been the much more painful vein in my forearm, that always bruises, and I get asked about it for days after...

DANCING!!! (almost don't care what the results are...just happy the draw worked...how wacky is THAT??????)

Hugs, (yes, Virginia, there IS a life after cancer) Kathi

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Glad to hear that you escaped the "vampire" with ease this time, and hope that all the results are excellent.

As to your question...Well my dear, as the saying goes...you are like a fine wine...aged to perfection!


Marie who loves kitties

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You are very kind...*smile*...thank you!

Hugs, Kathi

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I had a chest scan a few weeks back. The tech punctured me four times ,three on the left side and once on the right trying to get a good vein for the contrast,then he called a doctor in. The doc said I thought you said you have done this lots of times. I said that I had but that they always use the veins on the back of my hands. They did ,first go ,worked fine. They are experienced veins they took the all 48 infusions of 5fu. Why don't they just ask? Ron.

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