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May I reserve the Pink Bus

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Please??? For Monday, Nov 26. This is for a ct scan of my chest. Those pesky nodules are still an issue. I was SUPPOSED to check in with the thoracic surgeon an hour after this scan. BUT ... he canceled. That appointment is rescheduled for Friday, Nov 30.

My stomach is in knots. It just seems that with every new scan or appointment, I unravel. I hate being this way. I stay strong and positive until the next appointment. I know that others go through this unforgiving ritual too but it doesn't make it any easier when it's my turn. *BAH*

On a brighter note, I am planning on getting together with a dear friend after this scan. God Bless this woman. She had a kidney transplant just 2 weeks ago! And she is a cancer survivor (ovarian) to boot! She truly is my inspiration and keeps me grounded when I have days that feel so wrong. So the day will be great before it ends! Of course, it will be good as it starts too because my sisters in pink will be on that bus with me.

I love you all. Truly I do.


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Lots and lots of prayers for you throughout this coming week!!!

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I will be riding along on the bus..Saying prayers and sending positive vibes your way..

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Onboard already... the pink bus has lots of stops this upcoming week it seems.... so let's all bring goodies and music and prayers ...and decorate that bus with Christmas lights too! Sue D

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but, I am up and packing! Anything for you, MARY!

Sdukowitz -- is decorating our bus!! Great -- the least I can do is bring the 'Bailey's' and hot coffee. I may even bake up a batch or 2 of Christmas cookies!

Mary, if you feel a light touch on your right shoulder, that will be me providing
support, and gentle hugs during your scan.

Prayers, and positive thoughts ...

Vicki Sam

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In spirit, I will be on the bus; however, I have a cold, it appears, and it would be better for me to stay put.

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Sending prayers and good thoughts to you.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I'll be on the bus with lots of good wishes.



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I'll be there with you, too. Love, Linda

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Puch over ladies; I'm all in. Making my Christmas angeletti cookies and bringing cafe au lait :-). Mary, seriously, we will be there holding your hand. I know you will feel it! Good luck!

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Jean 0609
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Will be thinking about you tomorrow. Fingers crossed and sending prayers for a clean scan.

Have fun with your dear friend tomorrow. Sounds like it will be a good time.


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Waiting is the hardest thing. Of course I will be with you, Mary.

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Dear Mary,

I won't be there tomorrow. You don't need me for a scan, they take, what 5 minutes. More if they can't find a vein. I hope you have good veins! Your friend who you will meet after the scan sounds like an ideal person to discuss issues with and she is one strong woman. Two weeks ago and out and about, good for her. May all go well for her from now on.

I will be with you in spirit on Friday, November 30th when you meet the Thoracic Surgeon. I will be sending positive vibes. The thoracic surgeon, I had kept canceling appointments too. What is it with these guys?

When you return and post, I will be hear waiting anxiously for your results. I hope that it will be good news. You have had a long haul on this phase of bc. I hope it's the last of it.



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Count me in!

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Here ready to roll!I brought some leftover pies and cookies, ya'll help yourselves.

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I'm on that bus too, I'll have to use my super powers to get there, SD is a long ways away, but I"ll make it. Scans are always nerve wracking, and i'm so so so happy that you have a wonderful girlfriend who obviously loves you and does a good job of helping you get through. Your in my prayers darling and please try to stay positive, so much easier said than done, but you are an amazing woman and no matter what, we are pulling for you.
MIles of Love,

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DID I Miss the bus?


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Now I must wait until Friday to get the results. ggggrrrrr AND make another trip to NYC to get them.

I do get impatient about the results. I want them now. I've a good mind to just call and ask for the results over the phone. Hubby says they won't do that. Something to do with liability and money.

What I am thinking is ... IF the results are still on a wait and see basis I might just tell'em "later". I can't do this every 3 months. The doc said that I must be under careful watch and stuff but all this waiting just makes me nervous and anxious. I feel good. No problems with that. As I've said many times before, I just want to put this behind me and never look back. Having to go for further testings every 3 months doesn't let me live my life the way I want to. Is that wrong? I mean ... I read about my sisters who really NEED to see doctors and get tests and take meds, etc. I don't feel I should be taking a precious appointment away from someone who really needs it. There has got to be a better way.

GAH ... I'm just complaining for no reason really. I just want an answer so I can move one way or the other.

HO HUM...BYW-my friend couldn't meet with me today. I am sad about that. We will try next month to catch up with each other. Maybe that's why I am so pissy today. Oh well ....

Would ya please pass the jelly ....


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I hear you and totally agree. If I had to wait for every scan, mdi, blood work, path reports or notes, I would have been in the insane asylum. I never wait more than 24 hours. I always try to make certain that have things done at the beginning or the middle of the work week. I then pick up the results from Medical Records the next day.

If it's a new place, I inquire prior how they handle things. I'm not a patient sort of girl. You can try and call his nurse and ask, it can't hurt and perhaps she can say "the results are great!".

You have been very patient for the whole year, you have done a lot better than I would have. I am now keeping my fingers crossed that the results will be good. Every 3 months is a lot, I won't do them every 3 months unless it really warrants it. I would bargain for at least 4 months. They love me....

Thinking positive thoughts for you,


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but I'm hoping the time flies by till your appointment and that you get a definite answer that all is clear!

The waiting really puts me on edge as well, but I try to live "as if." Passing the time believing as if everything is great and I will get good news.

My very best positive energy going out to you.

Hugs, Renee

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Many positive thoughts, lots of hugs and all the support or a shoulder to lean on..whatever you want Mary.

Sue :)

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