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anyone heard of this person?

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Has anyone ever heard of a Dr. Mark Stengler? Is he for real or another scamer? Thoughts anyone?

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I have heard about him. He is in my area.

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Joined: Sep 2011

I've been getting those "cure cancer if you follow my easy to order book(s)" Looked up a lot things he is suggesting on WWW.quackwatch.com and the info there is definately baised on anything natural. So I was just wondering who or what he is besides an M.D. and salesman. debrajo

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try googling him.

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I did google him and it's 50/50 between quack and wonder worker! Has a lot of interesting stuff on his site, but has a lot for sell! I'll just keep digging!

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I did as well, and must tell you people who try to sway us a certain why, then push their products I tend to be hesitant. One site or doc, who BTW is a chiropractor....Dr. Mercola. Same setup...convince, then push their products on us.

Have read some scam postings on this man...but plse let us know what you find Deb!


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stay away from ALL these quacks who prey on the finances of desperate people

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Joined: Sep 2011

From what I am learning, you are absolutely right Beila! I am not quite desperate...yet, but all of us would like to find that magic pill. No more test, treatments, bloodwork, needles, ect. Just have to wait(again!) to see what the future holds, and keep praying for the cure. Best, debrajo

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Hi Beila
I have been thinking about you - how are you feeling? Have you had your treatment in the US yet? Is there anything I can do to help you?

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