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frist round

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Had frist Chemo treatment on Nov. 14th. Just would like to talk to people who know what it's like.

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I am scheduled to have my first treatment on the 29th so I will be following this thread to see what to expect. I hope you are feeling ok and haven't had any bad side effects. What chemo drugs are you taking? Wishing you the best!

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I did chemo every other week, starting the second week of April and finishing mid-July. I was not quite sure what to expect after that first infusion.

I made sure I did what I was told to do: drink lots of water, take my pills (steroids and anti-nausea pills and call the DR if the pills were not working because they could give me something else to try

After dose 1:
My hair did not start to fall out. That happened after the second one.
I did not vomit. I had a few days in which I felt a bit queasy, but that was it. I could make myself eat, just not as much as usual.
I did not have problems with fatigue after dose 1.
The neulasta shot did not bother me initially, either.

I was able to pretty much be up and about as I would normally be. Although the few days I felt queasy, I was content to stay in.

For me, I did ACT, the pattern for the AC was that I had chemo on Monday and felt fine; I'd get my shot on Tuesday, and I also knew that if there were things I wanted to do before the queasiness would kick in, I needed to do it then. Usually by Sunday, I was feeling pretty good.

So, I hope that helps a little with Dose 1. Others will tell you what I am about to say: Even though someone may have the same diagnosis and treatment as someone else, reactions are still rather individual. I have contacts who were at opposite ends of the spectrum, but at least they gave me an idea of what I could expect.

Be good about talking to your med people.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I'm not sure what kind of chemo you are scheduled to receive, and that will make a difference in your reactions. I did 6 rounds of TAC, I have mets so I've also done Xeloda, Abraxane, and I'm currently on Navelbine.

Some general advice...drink lots of water before and after each treatment, take your meds as directed, ask (here and your doc) when you have questions, put your doc's phone number and the after hours number in your cell phone, be sure your doc knows about any and all side effects you have.

Feel free to come here and ask about any specific side effect you might be having...unless it's really weird there will be someone here who has 'been there, done that'.



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Welcoming you and wishing you good luck!

Hugs, Debby

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You say nothing (or post in Proile) - about the type of BC or status of ER.PR or HER2 you are dealng with rather or not your infusion was neo-adjuvant. ALL BC is nor the same and we are each unique - So many variàbles!.

For me, the 4 A/C were 'easy' BUT 12 Taxol was NASTYl

Winyan - The Power Within


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Hi Lucy! How are you doing now?

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Typical session...
Chemo day - feel fine
Day 2 - feel fine
Day 3 - feel fine, a little fatigued, but not too bad
Day 4 - Hit the couch. Feeling pretty exhausted.
Day 5-10 - Wild dreams, nasty smells, exhausted beyond belief, WBC dropping big time. Bone pain from Neulasta shot and Levoquin (antibiotic)
By day 15 turning the corner. Not so fatigued.
Day 16-20 - starting to return to normal. Still pretty tired, but definitely feeling that I have "turned the corner".
Day 21 - start all over again

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Megan M
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Wondering how you're doing now too Lucy. Please post when you have some time.

Hugs, Megan

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