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I'm so thankful for everyone on this board!

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Joined: Jan 2010

When I was diagnosed in Jan. 2010, finding this board was a Godsend. I felt free to ask questions and I drew hope from the many stories here. After being given the gift of NED after chemo, I wasn't here as often, but I lurked. I cried when I lost friends and mentors, but their stories and their strength inspired me. When I had a recurrence in May 2011, again, I found hope and help here.

I am thankful for all of you who are still here, my friends who have passed on, and my friends who, for one reason or another, are not here often, but still drop by.

Remember, there is always hope, and a reason to smile can be found almost anywhere--no matter how awful chemo or radiation or surgery makes you ( and me) feel.

Love to all of you! Happy Thanksgiving!


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Leesa and I agree with all of it. This board means so much to me. I talk about the ladies on this board all the time to family and friends. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you all did as well.


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I was so thankful to find this board last year. It's a safe place for us to vent, whine, and gather information and encouragement. Leesa, you have been an inspiration to me as you had just learned about your brain mets I think about the time I joined the board. I too talk about the ladies on this board to family and friends. I feel as though I know all of you personally. :)


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for the thoughtful kindnesses, wisdom and understanding that my "board family" has shown me over the years.
(((((HUGS))))) Maria

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Leesa! I was very happy to read your note! We need to write notes for our teal sisters.
Give them hope, even with cancer come back we can live long and all most have normal life.
Fabruary 14 will be 6 years when I found out I got two cancers, ovarian and breast. I had two reaccurency. 18 month I am on chemo only with two month break. Third time in 6 years I am on carboplatin. I go tomorow for my 4th round of it. CA125 go down , but very slow. From 465 to 389 three weeks ago. I hope for better numbers tomorow. With best wishes for mine teal sisters,Zina. :)

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Glad to be done
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I found this site right after I found out I was NED from stage 3C OC. I sure wish I had these wonderful ladies to help push me down the chemo road. This place is the best...

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Joined: Oct 2007

Hello my teal sisters! Today me CA125 - 278! Carboplatin doing good job again! :)

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