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Hanging around

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OK since the whole news of the second cancer our team of oncologists are pushing to get started on the MM treatment. It is almost as if the head and neck cancer is a nuisance at this point. Well I have went to the Multiple Myeloma forums and I have not found one I feel comfortable on. Everyone seems to be bitter and one upping each other. If it is ok with everyone I would like to stay here with my friends. You guys have given me some of the only smiles I have had in the last several months. Matt and John crack me up. Phrannie is so compassionate. Joan and Cris feel like kindred spirits. I hate that I am not looking forward to the holidays this year, but I want to say I am thankful for all of you. Oh there are so many more people here that have been helpful to me Vanessa, Pam, Ditto, longtermsurvivor, and many more. Please don't think if I didn't writer you name that I have not been blessed by you. Unfortunately my mind has not been as sharp as in the past and I am surprised I remembered as many names as I have since I hardly can remember to take a shower. LOL. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Oh you must remember to take a shower (I smell humor). You are welcome to spend as mush time as needed with the H&N forum. We are like kindred spirits. All of us which have followed your story understand the toll both emotionally and physically.

I found out for sure, positive, no doubt about it last December 23rd that I had cancer and my life and my wife’s life were permanently altered. Some for good (I hope they got the cancer). When I stand back and look at your adventure it appears the team is closing in on treatments which will give both of you many great and happy years together.

Now I got to go, I am carving a turkey (watch out) and Candy made a Pecan pie (yum, yum), Some times there are up to 75 people at my parents house today we’ve weaned it down to 20 – 30.

Bye, bye,


There were 64 people and my carving went well and my favorite taste of all was black olives, figure that one out.

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Feel the love.... Agree with you 100%

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that it's not a very active one...I'm relieved you're wanting to hang out here where things are more upbeat and positive. I fully understand the Dr.'s wanting to get the MM under control first....he needs to feel better to undergo treatment for the HNC. Longtermsurvivor said it best...this is a detour on your way to getting to the HNC, not a fork in the road...you'll be back on this journey soon enough, I think. Besides this is where your friends are :) (not that there aren't new friends out there to meet, just this is more like home).

So...now that you remembered your shower, you might as well take it...LOL. I hear humor coming out, too...GOOD!! Things are going to start getting better now that the Dr.'s have a handle on what is going on with David.


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First off, Happy Thanksgiving! I know it might not seem like there is much to be thankful for but I truly feel that now the doctors are really on to fixing David. I'm so happy you are staying here with us. My rad onc told me about this site and I'm going to ask him if he knows of a positive MM site for you. Not that we want you to leave us, we will just let you "visit" another site :-)
You and david are in my daily prayers and I am so looking forward to hearing from you when they actually get started on fixing him.
Try and relax and enjoy your hubby today and take a long hot shower, you deserve it!

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Don't leave us. It would make me sad and I don't want to be sad, so stay here and keep us company.


Remember to pamper yourself a little each day.

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You think you come to this board to get support. Well, you are also giving support not only to David but to all of us who read your posts. That's the great thing about these message boards. We are walking side by side down this road. Wish we had met somewhere else, somewhere that's not quite so hard. But here we are. Rick.

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Never alone, Never stop fighting!

One day down is a day of the past...keep moving forward my friend.
We're with you on this journey.


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that David is going to get better now that his Drs know what is going on...Please stay with our group, I have to know that you and David are okay and are going to win this battle together.We've all felt your dispair and want to hold your hand through all the pain,stress and in the end happiness..we're claiming you both in our family

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This H&N board is like a family, so full of support and positive thinkink like I have never seen anywhere! It is helping me and my family through tough times and I believe it helps you as well. So stay here and we will all try to figure out how to carry you (and ourselves) through difficult times. And I believe that after every rain there is a sun (especially after a heavy one) and we will get out of this as winners.
I feel relieved now that doctors know what's really going on with David and that means a lot. It means they know exactly what to do to make him feel better and give him proper medication and treatment. Just take one day at a time.. Now these are your darkest days but all you can do is take one hour or one minute, one day and keep moving.

Try to talk to someone out there in your family or neighbourhood who can stay beside you and that you can lean on when you feel down. And talk here with us, we are all here trying to help each other. And believe me, good times will come again! I still believe that good things happen to good people in the end!

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you go girl

do what you need to do and all here are pulling for you

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