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Taxostere and Cytoxin Regime

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Hello: I will start this treatment in two weeks. I read one post from a woman who indicated she did not lose her hair after 4 months of treatment (4 individual treatments). Has anyone else been this fortunate?

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Jean 0609
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Welcome to the group. Sorry you are here, but glad you found us. I also had 4 rounds of T/C. I cut my hair really short before I started. My oncologist told me that I would lose all my hair by my second treatment. So before that I had my head buzzed. I was one of the lucky ones that didn't lose my hair on my head. My oncologist said 99% do. Everyone is different. Good luck.

Remember we are here if you have any questions or just need support or to vent.


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I had Taxotere, Cytoxan AND Adriamycin and lost my hair about 2 weeks into the first session. People are going to think I am weird but not having hair was really exhilarating for me! Not sure how much of the hair loss can be attriobuted to the Adriamycin, but I lost everything before it was all over with, including my eyelashes and eyebrows!

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Sorry you are dealing with this. I lost my mane but prepared by getting my wig before it came out. I am 45 years old and newly engaged to my fiancee when diagnosed. My kids from first marriage are 14 and 11. I think you should find your Survivor store with wigs, try them on and have on stand by. You will have low days, and not having hair adds to it.
Take IPAD, movies to chemo treatment. Chemo takes hours and movies pass the time quickly.
Best wishes!

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