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"YEAH" for John!!

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Hi guys,
Got an e-mail from John saying his scan came back totally CLEAR! This is his first scan since finishing his Rituxan maint. His son and grandaughter are visiting for the holiday so I'm sure he's busy enjoying their company, so I'm posting the good news without his permission. I'm thrilled everything is clear and praying my results will be the same when I get my scan in March. Way to go John!!!! Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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Wonderful news! May it remain ever so. Thank you for posting.

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Congratulations John!
Thank God you are still in remission may you stay like that forever! Sending you many Hugs and missing your post here!


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What a relief!!!! Great to hear!! Thanks for the update Sue

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Congratulations John!

Enjoy your time with family!

John "Happy Dances"!



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Thanks for letting us know about John's happy news! BEST present he could get ever!! He is going to have the best holidays!

Praying for your results in March!


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john congrads on your clear pet scan and it always stays clear blessings denise

miss maggie
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What a wonderful day this will be. John, I can just imagine how you must of felt hearing the good news. This holiday season will be a joy for you and your family.

I am sending my prayers and positive energy to Sue in March, and all on Rituxan Maint. for the same good news, totally clear.

Love and hugs to all. Love Maggie

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Thanks to all responders. I really appreciate it. Thank you Sue for thinking of me.John

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