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This is an article I wanted to share. HPV Head and Neck Cancers get a 2nd look

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I just can't seem to do a link. If someone wants to make this a link be my guest. I found the article interesting. Not being one who wants to spread bad information I ran this article through a well known H&N fellow warrior with the OCF Foundation. He said the OCF actually did have input and he felt the article was well written and good information.

It's just more knowledge ...it is a focus on HPV status....just so you will know.



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Facing the Facts: HPV-Associated Head and Neck Cancers Get a Second Look

I'm going to ignore the survival rate stats, but otherwise good stuff.

I'm in the trial assessing whether Erbitux works as well as cisplatin-based regimen...guess we'll know in five years.

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So much of what we do is attitude and there is always prayrer :) (you know I had to sneak that one in there) ...

I too was Erbitux only....but I was never given the choice in the beginning ...I was just told Erbitux and radiation was best...only after I was half-way thru did I discover most of what I have now as well as this site. I got on this site right before treatments....but I never utilized it (overwhelmed) unitl after my treatments were completed.



Oh...thanks for making that link high-lighted

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I really appreciate the articles about new trials and hope. While the odds, statistically speaking, may not be as good for HPV- this can be viewed as hope for all of us. SCCHN has not been in the cross hairs of research until recently when the numbers of young people getting diagnosed started increasing at almost alarming rates. I am HPV+ but also had a long history of smoking and to a lessor extent drinking so that makes me a hybrid with an unknown primary cause. Take Care.

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Good to see you posting now and then ...I trust all is going well!



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Thanks Tim,
Although mine is not HPV H/N this article gave me some understanding to what some of my fellow warriors are facing. I pray that advancements continue for a cure period ! It would be so cool if this were to happen in our life time ! Katie

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I've always been an avid reader on issues that affect me or the business I am in ....I pray to the advancements will continue....



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Thanks for sharing!

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for the interesting and informative article. Rick.

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Great article, I wish I had the stones to go into the Rad doc next week (getting set up for treatment) and say "Doc, make it 5 weeks instead of 7."

Thanks again,


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Hi Tim,

Interesting article.

I liked the illustration ¾ of the way down, it clearly shows each of the areas where H&N warriors do battle.

Knowing what I do now, I may have opted for the combination of Eribitux with other chemo drugs and I still would have gone through with the surgery (I wanted the cancer gone as much of and as soon as possible) and radiation.

It sounds like they will have plenty of test subjects for their studies (both good and too bad). Seeing that I can chart my life history very accurately (especially since the late 70’s, 35-years+/-) it is very interesting the number of younger aged cases. What does that tell you?

While I respect the noble efforts to risk permanent damage through over treatment, I can see that my fellow H&N warriors are all over the place in response to long lasting damage, curability, and reoccurrence. I never knew (exactly) how my body would respond before treatment began.

Maybe, they could send the cancer patient home with all the available information about cancer, surgery, chemo, rads and all the side effects both temporary and permanent (and statistics, don’t forget the statistics). Then you have a check list of yes, no and maybe used to develop your treatment agenda. This is of course tongue in cheek (radiation brain). I wonder if I had been asked the treatment questions, say, 5-years ago (before cancer) if the answers would be different, than being asked point blank as the cancer diagnosis is still sinking in.

Good article, lots of questions.



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An also, on the same page there is a second one (or see link below):


suggesting that doxepin (known as an antidepressant) alleviates mucositis / mouth pain when administered in mouth rinse.

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Even tho my scans showed NED I wish I had been HPV+ instead of negative. Every time I read these types of articles I get scared my cancer is going to come back. Ugh......I think I need a Prozac drip! Lol

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Pam M
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I must say, though, that the five year survival rate for the negatives (much lower than I'd like)listed in the article is much better than the 35% I read about when I was first diagnoses.

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I was not aware that the survival rate for HPV- was so much lower than HPV+. I'm HPV- and went through my treatments with a lot of confidence and reduced worry--which I think helped a lot with my attitude. I would have worried more had I known the rate for HPV-, and who knows how that could have affected me.

I was glad to see some attention in the article on doctors trying to reduce side effects from HNC treatments. As I've told many newbies on this site, for most of us (especially HPV+)the real battle is not with cancer. It's with the side effects from chemo, rads, and meds we have to take to make it through. I'm three and a half years NED, but still struggling with a number of side effects. Most of them are easily managed,but some are not.

Anyway, thanks for the informative article. Can it be put in the Superthread, so it won't get lost over time?


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but it doesn't help much to those who are HPV negative as my Dad. Dad doesn't know anything about it and I don't even try to explain it to him because the only thing he has to know is to fight and stay strong and fight with the side effects.
I also wish that there would be some articles for HPV negative cancers that would show improvement in survival with the type of treatment that patients receive these days.

But I agree, it is great to read new articles about improvement in curing oropharyngeal cancers so, like Mike said, it should be put in the Superthread.

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Eat as few food with chemicals them you can. I can't afford to eat whole hog Organic ....but I do eat MUCH better than ever before. I take Vit D3 5 pills a day and a vitamin E a day. The problem is there is soooo much out that that says "this and that" keeps your immune system strong...so I go with my nutrionist what she says and I excercise adn I try very hard to get good sleep each night....

this body of ours is wonderfully complex and any help I can give it to do it's job is better than before when I was 320lb guy who lived on meat and potatoes and ate a bowl of ice creaam every night before bed...then proceeded to sleep 3-6 hours tops! :)

We all need a friend, some prayer and discipline to stick to it and we will all be okay!!! :)


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I don't thnk (even if it is organic), that eating a whole hog can be good for you.....


Like you Tim, you can try to eat healthy and live healthy....

Unfortunately a lot of that is out of your control..., unless you grow your own I suppose.

But in reality, we can only do so much and the rest is fate, genetics, and the will to be.

As for the HPV article..., thanks. But like Matt and several here, I'm not so much a statistics guy....too easily skewed to present the results someone is looking for.

There is just so much involved with cancer and survivorship....again, age, genetics, health going in, where you live...a multitude of variables...

In the end, it still comes down to cancer is cancer, treatment is the same.

If the cancer doesn't kill you, the treatment will come damn close.


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made for a good laugh... :)

Well, technically if the hog ate nothing but greens...woudl that not be better ?? : :)

I will make a confession...I stil love my bacon and eggs. Just can't give that up but have cut back on it..


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