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Very nice site

In April, 2008, I went to my family doctor for my yearly check up. After doing the DRE, he told me he felt something abnormal. He said my PSA was good at .75, and did not think it was anything serious, but made me an appointment to see a urologist. (The year before my PSA was .5).

May, 2008, I went to the urologist, and he done the DRE and agreed there was something there, but said not to worry, could be something other that cancer. Two weeks later he done a 12 core biopsy, and found that 4 of the 12 cores were Gleason scored at 4+3.

I then went to Toledo for a second opionion from a surgeon and found the same results. After talking to the surgeon about options (I was a married, healthy 52 year old), I opted for the DiVinci Robotic Surgery. Surgery was performed on Wednesday, August 19, 2008. I spent about 30 hours in the hospital, and then went home.

Within that first week, even with the cathiter, I was back up to walking a mile per day. The worst part of the whole experience to me came a week after the surgery with the removal of the cathiter. OUCH.

I had incontinence problems for the next 13 weeks, and that subsided. It took about 3 years for the ED to get under control, and still needs a push from cialis to maintain errection.

If I had it to do all over again, I would do so. I trusted Dr. Baig and he done a very good job. At the three (3) year mark, PSA is still at .000.

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