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HCC met to lung

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This is my first post. My husband was diagnosed w/HCC January 2011 (AFP 4,000). He's been through five TACEs and was on Nexavar all of 2011 (AFP levels dropped to 100), went off Nexavar beginning of 2012 so he could undergo another TACE. When his AFP level hit > 36,300 he was put back on Nexavar in October. Now the cancer has meta to his lungs. He's lost 25 pounds, has no strength or stamina and sleeps a lot. How do you decide when the Nexavar isn't worth the side effects? He's fighting to stay alive - but at what cost to his quality of life? As a care giver, what should I expect? Just trying to be prepared.

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My husband too was on Nexavar for HCC. His has not spread yet and were hoping to have a TACE like procedure if we can get his liver healthy enough. He said while on the Nexavar that nobody should have to live like that and if that was all he had left he wouldnt take it.

After watching my mother in law pass from Pancreatic cancer that spread to lungs and liver, she fought with Chemo for over 2 years but in those 2 years there was only moments that she was herself, but she kept on fighting for her kids. I dont know what it feels like to wake up sick every single day but I am guessing it cannot be fun. There is something to be said about quality of life. My hisband tells me all the time that if it wasn't for me and our kids he wouldnt be fighting, that statement breaks my heart in two.

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