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MOM just diagnosed with GB Cancer that was not operable

It has been quite a month. I cannot believe only 5 weeks ago no one would have thought there was anything wrong with my mom. My mom called me saying that she noticed her eyes were turning yellow and her primary care Dr. wanted her to come in right away for testing. Ruling out jaundice due to hepititas they did scans and found a tumor on her gallbladder which was blocking her bile ducts and causing the jaundice. She had a stent put in to alliviate the bile backup which worked wonderfully so now surgery was scheduled. We all went in thinking that the surgery was going to take care of everything, little did we know that the surgeon would come out saying that the tumor had been tested and found to be cancerous, they also found that the cancer had spread to the portal vein making the surgery not possible. They closed her up and now we had to give her the news. She has remained very positive through all of this and is willing to fight as hard as possible to fight this. She is only 65 and in perfect health except for this cancer stuff. We met with a group of Dr's that included the Chemo Dr., the Radiation Dr. and the surgeon that started this whole process. They were much more upbeat than I thought they were going to be after reading everything online. They are going to start a Chemo regime that will be done for 3 months and then recheck the progress in hopes that the tumor will shrink. The surgeon stated that if it shrunk enough he will go back in and see if it could be removed. There was more hope there than I thought there would be. We are in a teaching Hospital in the IL area and there are many other options available if we choose to find more options in the future. It is a scary thing to think that 5 weeks ago we were planning years in advance now we plan days and weeks in advance.

I have read many of the stories out there that seem very much like ours and I hope with everything that I have that our story will be similar to the stories out there will a good outcome. I will continue to read your stories to keep me positive and hope that we have good new in the future too.

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