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Checking on Nempark and daughter. Hoping for good news for both of you! Best, debrajo

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Thank you guys for your concern. Wow this really is a comforting site. My daughter for the last two days did not eat a morsel of food and is quite aware of everything but sleepting all the time. Of course, she is on nonstop morphine. Today was her first day on the new rescur chemo Lipsomal Vincristine. Doctors says that this is just a trial and that there is absolutely no guarantee, even if it works it will only be for a while then she would be right back where she is now. I am doing my best to take one day at a time and leave the rest to God. Do I sound brave?......Well, you can never imagine the devastation and heartache. I have heard of heartache, but now I know what heartache is, your heart really hearts. Debra I know you know. God bless you all and keep healthy.

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Posts: 1095
Joined: Sep 2011

You hold on dear! All this has a reason behind it. I am so glad she is getting pain relief. Now you need to rest also. We are the glue that holds our families together and your daughter and family need you now, so no getting sick! You know how to reach me if I can do ANYTHING for y'all. God Bless,be strong, and keep the faith! Best, Debrajo

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I wish there were some magic word I could write that could help you... My prayers for comfort and strength are with you <3

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Thanks for starting this discussion, debrajo. Nempark, my heart goes out to you and your daughter. Thinking of you and praying for grace and strength for you both. Norma

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I too send my thoughts and prayers for you and your daughter. In peace and caring.

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Is what we are all hoping for more of and at 40, your daughter has not had nearly enough. I hope the rescue chemo will give her more. My thoughts will continue to be with you.

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My thoughts and prayers are with and your daughter and family.

Mary Ann

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Dear Nempark,

I'm adding my prayers to all the rest.

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