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Does anybody have CEA levels higher than 2,000?

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My husband's CEA levels went up to over 3,000 when avastin and oxaloda stopped working.

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Mine was over 2000 when first diagnosed, but had Oxy, Avastin, and Xeloda and I think it went down to 18 or less back then.
Winter Marie

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Thank you Winter Marie. You're certainly an inspiration and have been through a lot. I'll tell my husband. There seems to be so many survivors with time extending heaps. Keep fighting. Hugs Rubyrose

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My daughter's was at 6,800 in the beginning - a year ago. Folfox stopped working for her about February of this year. Now she is on Folfiri with Erbitux and her CEA is 17.1 and her cancer is "stable." No growth or new tumors since the start of all of this. Best of luck to you.


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Thankyou. I think the bottom line is to take each day and not to worry too much about the CEA. Good luck with your daughter.

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My CEA levels one year back at dx was 935

After surgical resection of sigmoid colon, liver mets and completion of adjuvant chemo it is now 1.6

Ca 19-9 was > 1200 at dx and now it is 8.8

However current Ct-pet report of scan done yesterday shows increased FDG uptake in 3 lesion sites.

But the CEA and ca19-9 levels are a day before the scan.

I don't understand this anamoly.

In my opinion your cancer markers also will come down substantially once the chemo starts .

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Same here my husband's CEA started at 1145 and we road the roller coaster up and down for the last 2 years, this past summer it was over 4500 as he missed 6 weeks of treatment due to c-diff and ascites, but since he has started on Vectibix it has dropped down to the lowest it has ever been at 108.6. For us right now this is just wonderful. Kim

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