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Anyone heard or have thoughts about Therasphere?

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RCC Stage IV has now moved to Liver. Affinitor may have stopped working but other spots have stayed about the same size so doc still trying out Affinitor. Hopefully MDX is a possibility down the road. The Doc has my Dad signed up for Therasphere where they shoot glass beads into the liver and they attach to the liver walls and release radiation. Side Effects are small and apparently they have had good results. Anyone with Renal Cancer heard of this or the success of this? Thanks.

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Wow, i have never heard of that. How do they go about doing this procedure? Why not use straight radiation on the spot? What part of the world do you live in? Please keep us posted, would love to hear more about it. I pray it goes very well for you.

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At least in the trials. Apparently 85% success rate. Only works if Renal spreads to Liver. Or any other cancers like Lung or Colon spread to liver. Seems like Wonder...But of course- I wonder...

Down in Florida at the Moffitt Cancer center.


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All the spots that were growing are now completely gone.  Not disease free progression but gone.  Not sure why nobody really responded to this post but this is a wonder procedure- little side effects.  Dad still has in bones and some spots in lung but this was just for liver and worked.  Currently this procedure is only for liver. 

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A friend of mine had something similar done for prostate cancer and it worked for him. I had never heard of this for RCC. Thanks for posting it.


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SIR spheres and Theraspheres (different brand names)have been discussed for many years on ACOR and other forums and there are plenty of sites you can Google for more information.  They do seem very effective for some people.

Although they've not really come up on this forum, on our fellow CSN threads you'll find hundreds of postings about them in relation to other cancers involving liver mets e.g. this thread in the Colorectal Cancer forum


If you wish to read about them here on CSN, just use the search facility at the top right of the screen here - "Search CSN content"  using either of the brand names as the search term.

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The gist is that Therasphere works at almost a perfect rate for RCC that has spread to the liver according to Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida.   My father adds to this impressive record.  Not sure about other cancers.  

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