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ice caps

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my daughter was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She has incredibly curly long hair and is considering using an ice cap (penguin). would really appreciate some input on this. thanks

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Hi -- I am sorry your daughter has been dx. How old is she? I too was dx with stage 2a, grade 3 IDC.

Personally, I wouldn't use the ice caps and here's why: If I'm going to go through the trouble of taking the chemo, I would want it to hit my entire body to have the best odds. The ice caps would not allow the chemo to travel to her brain/scalp and to me it can create a potential issue, IF there's a malignant cell that has traveled to those areas already. There may be no malignant cell at all, but I wouldn't take this chance. I too had very long beautiful hair, dx at 32. But when it comes to cancer, you need to use all the tools you have and kick it as hard as you can. The hair will grow back. And it will look beautiful again. I'm loving mine. I have fun with new looks I never thought I could have! I always had the long-hair look (really long).

This is my personal opinion. But it is a personal decision only she will have to make.

I wish your daughter well. May she have a smooth and quick recovery.

Sending you hugs from NY.

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I'm so sorry to hear of your daughter's diagnosis. I had read about the ice caps and asked my oncologist what her opinion was. She said some studies have indicated an increase of recurrence with brain mets when they are used. She said that would make sense as the head/brain would not have received the full benefit of the chemo.

It is an adjustment to lose your hair for sure. For awhile after I lost mine, I was just so focused on other women's hair when I was out, and I had never done that before. But, I got over it. Now that my hair is growing back it's an adventure---hasn't been curly since I was 5 and never this short since I was a baby.

For me, it would have seemed a bad choice to go through chemo and not get the full effects. But each patient has to make their own choices.

I hope your daughter's treatment goes well and is very successful.


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I agree, our Ocn emphasised to not use ice caps as it can prevent the chemo from reaching the hair folicles where cancer cells could survive and then re-occupy the body after the chemo is finished. I also read a study from John Hopkins which stated the same thing and advise to NOT use ice caps. Killing the hair follicles indicated that the chemo is also killing cancer which may be in those follicles. God bless !!


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