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Surgery on Monday

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Must be losing my mind or I've posted this before and forgot, but I'm going in on Monday for hernia repair (3 I'm thinking) and abdominal repair (not sure what it's called), but I'll be bringing my laptop and I'll keep you posted. For all of you going to surgery and others going for scans and tests my prayers are with you. My love for all of you is so real and I've come to be a part of your family. Thanks for all your prayers, well wishes and good vibes for this surgery and past tests. They have all been embraced with gratitude :)

Hugs! Kim

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Will be keeping you in my prayers for very successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Love you too.

Marie who loves kitties

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Already lost my mind. I know you mentioned hernia surgery before, but also can't remember if you told us the date. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and hoping all goes well.



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Have a good surgery and quick recovery I'll be sending you my very best vibes on Monday.
Winter Marie

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good luck monday! i will be praying for you!

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Good luck on Monday, Kim. I bet it will be nice to get this over with! You'll likely feel better too. Best wishes for a smooth recovery. Keep us posted.


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A big hug Kim. Of course many prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

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Hugs thank you for your kindness. My surgery is Monday about 11:30a I'll be thinking of you. Lou

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All the best for a quick recovery! Take care,


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i will be thinking of you as i go to get a ct scan on monday also.please keep us updated when you can(((hugs)))....Godbless...johnnybegood

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I'm sure you will breeze through surgery and recover and feel so much better. I'll be thinking about you Monday and sending hugs and good vibes your way.
Sandy :)

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I hope your surgery goes well on. Monday....and that you get out quickly. I will keep you in. My thoughts and prayers.


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Good luck Kim---everything should go smoothly. You didn't come this far for nothing!
Glad you can take in your laptop.
I'll be looking for your next post about how well it went. :)

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I hope it's relatively quick and recovery isn't too bad.

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My thoughts will be with you- best of luck,


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you tomorrow and will be waiting to hear how well everything went.

Here's to a smooth recovery!


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Be prepared to keep up on your pain meds. I was warned (many people aren't and are surprised) but the pain post-hernia repair is high. (My primary care physician also had that surgery, and she told me how surprised she was at the discomfort.)

Not trying to scare you - we've all been through really tough stuff, but I do want you going in with realistic expectations. I asked for, and got an epidural for my first couple of days of pain control. Yes, I could walk with it. I can't take narcotics, so this was the best way to handle my pain. You can ask your dr Monday morning. I think mine was added last minute.

Wishing you an uneventful surgery, with an easy, straightforward recovery.


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Thanks for the heads up. My surgeon told me that this surgery was going to be very painful because there was so much involved and long recovery (mostly from inside). Glad you gave me a little more insite into what was forthcoming. I'll ask for the epi but not sure they will give it to me but it can't hurt asking.

Hugs! Kim

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Prayers and best wishes for a fast recovery Monday! And if you happen to find my mind while looking for yours, tell it to get home or it's going to be grounded.

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You will come out with flying colors.
I will keep you in my prayers

Cathleen Mary
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Kim, Lots of prayers and hope for an uneventful recovery. Just think, it will soon be over. We are all rooting for you.
Cathleen Mary

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Best wishes for successful surgery, I'll be praying for you.

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Prayers, good wishes and good vibes for you for a successful surgery on Monday. Hope to hear from you soon that it is behind you and you are doing well.


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Sending the best!

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I will be thinking of you all day Monday and hoping for a very successful surgery. You are one special, terrific and caring person.

Kim, you took the time to come to George's funeral and it meant the world to me. I just wish I could have spent more time with you. You are one special lady.

Prayers going up for you as you face this new surgery on Monday.

Love and hugs - Tina

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Will be thinking about you. I had a hernia repair during my 2nd exploratory surgery. Take it really easy until you heal completely. Easier said than done.
Thank God for laptops and modern technologies that allow us to keep each other updated during hospital stays.

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Goodluck on your surgery. I'll be sending prayers and light your way.
Looking forward to hearing a good report.


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You have all our prayers for a successful surgery and an excellent recovery.

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