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Dry mouth

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Just thought I would share what I have been using for dry mouth at night recently. Although I realize what works for one does not work for others. I originally tried the Biotene Spray and Mouthwash but found they both were limited in how long they worked, thus I continued waking up about ever hour to take a water drink/rinse. Recently on an older blog I read about Biotene Oral Gel, I tried it and it seems to work well for me. Its a little strange in the mouth, but GEE Im sure none of us know what a weird feeling in the mouth might be like LOL. Either way if you are suffering from dry mouth at night, (the only time Ive used it) and have yet to find a solution you might want to give it a try.

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I once had a woman tell me she got so used to dry mouth she didn't even treat it any more. She was 9 years out from her rads and had a very dry mouth. I have been pretty dry since my rads this time. But I notice I dont wake up as often at night, and oftentimes when I do, I just ignore the dryness and go back to sleep. I was waking up and rinsing every hour. Now only about 2-3 times a night. Interesting.

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D Lewis
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I was thinking about dry mouth last night and this morning. Four times, between about 11:00 pm and 5:00 am. I even considered lying there with a mouthful of water, but remembered Sweetblood/Dawn's 'wet dream' experience, and swallowed before I dozed off.


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I'm 16+ years post treatment (1996) and it doesn't bother me any more and I just sip a bit of warm water if I need it. I still carry a bottle with me but I think this is more out of habit and I don't panic now when I don't have one.

I remember the begining when I would wake up 3-4 times a night with "cotton mouth", sip water and having to use the bathroom so much because of all of the water I was drinking.

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When you say dry, do you mean that feeling that a cat crapped on a piece of dried jerky that is your tongue and you swallowed it....

I should say, more like it was shoved down your throat. Because swallowing would have involved a certain amount of saliva....

Ya, I been there before...


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I had it suggested to me by the PA that did my pre admit physical a few weeks ago and she was right. It is indeed a very odd feeling to put the cold gel onto your tongue and try to coat the inside of your mouth. I was able to make it easier by warming the tube in a glass of hot water for a few minutes. It still feels odd but not as badly and it does help with the overnight dry mouth. Where I used to wake up every half hour or so to drink some water, now I wake up every 4 hours or so to pee. Almost normal!

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Hi Diitto 1,

I also believe it or not have dry mouth syndrome. I use Xylemelts with great success to sleep the entire night and to wake up with just a hint of “dry mouth” (water quench not required).

Like Pat, I was thinking over the whole dry mouth thing and wondering if I will still be doing this years from now. It adds up to a lot of $$$.

Now about this wet dream?



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I have using biotene oral gel since tx ended. It really helps to sleep thru night. It takes some time but after you are used to it, it is not so bad.

During day time i am using threa breath mouth wtting lozenges. For some reason, xylinelts are not working for me, will try again.


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It is funny, but David asked me last night what to do about dry mouth. I got on here right after he asked and that was they first thread to show up. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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I do agree that the gel did help better than most other things. My dad used it at night and it gave him much relief. Also dad is one year out since treatment and his salivia is coming back. Although it is hard when you are in it...time seems to be the best medicine..
Hope this helps

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Curious, where do you buy xylimelts?

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Can get Xylimelts on-line. Matt suggested them and I went to the company site and called them. They sent me a sample for $5 shipping. Strange thing, I took one and it started the juices flowing, have only used a couple more out of the box. I also have some Salese with Xylitol that I would be happy to share with you. If you want to send me a CSN Email to let me know when you will be at BJW and your last name, I will leave a bag with your name on it at the front rad desk or if you prefer, I can drop them in the mail but would need your mailing info.

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amazon has them.
first time I ordered through them, I was afraid the mint flavor would aggravate my mouth... so I ordered the 'non-mint' kind--which was only available from a third-party and they charged me $7 shipping for a little box (60 count).
next time I went with mint--no mouth pain, and it shipped from amazon with free shipping for order over $25. so I threw in a book instead of paying for shipping.

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