CT colon or colonoscopy

Both my two younger brothers have died from colon cancer. So I was advised to get tested. I am 81. I had RT for prostate cancer Jan/Feb this year. Should I have Ct colon or colonoscopy?


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    Hi Tony
    Sorry to hear about your brothers. Since you had 2 siblings with colon cancer, have you been tested for Lynch syndrome? ( Hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer syndrome or HNPCC also called Lynch syndrome) Do you know the strain of cancer they had?

    A colonoscopy can find pre-cancerous polyps, which provides earlier detection over a CT which is generally used to detrmine if cancer already exists.

    Ask your GP to refer you to a gastro doc for determination of best course of action given your family history.

    Wishing you best results no matter which testing you have done.

    Marie who loves kitties
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    Insurance May Dictate the Decision...
    Hello...if you could get it approved, I'd go for the scope...tried and true.

    When my dad had turned 80, his insurance told him they would no longer authorize him having another scope...their reasoning was money motivated of course, but they figured he would pass away from something else before developing cancer...he passed away this summer but not from cancer.

    If insurance were to deny the benefit, you could always private pay for the procedure...I can't see them having any objection there.

    If on the other hand, they pay for your procedure, then that's even better for you.

    Best of luck with whichever test you and your doctor decide on.