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Hi Cathy

miss maggie
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Dear Cathy,

Here we go again. Since you also live in PA, please stay safe and warm. I am keeping my fingers crossed this new storm won't impact me or too many of those already suffering.

It is so wonderful I have the option and relationship with my doctor (internist) to email my concerns to him. Today I received an email from my internist. Great news. Dr. David Hirsh still does surgery. Dr. Neil Cobelli is his associate and is fellowship trained.
Somehow I missed this info on his profile. I feel so confident with both doctor's. No matter who does the surgery. Thank you, thank you. I thought the research I did was enough.
Who would of thought fellowship trained?

Stay safe and warm. hugs and love from me. Maggie

cathyp's picture
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I'm so happy for you! Now you can place all your cares and concerns with the specialist and feel confident that you did your homework...now they will do theirs. Do you have an appt scheduled yet?. IIRC, the weather situation impacted you appointments.
Good Luck on this new journey to relieve your painful symptoms. Hopefully, you'll be on your way soon to get your quality of life back. Good luck with whatever path you and your doctors agree upon.
All the best,

miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Dear Cathy,

You bet I have an appointment. I have an appointment this Monday, Nov 12. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for all your concern. Lots of love and hugs Maggie

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