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Kenny H & steveandnat check in please

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Hi fellas, just wondering how you are doing.

You have both been having a real rough patch recently and I want you to know that we are thinking of you and praying for the best.


Marie who loves kitties

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Im still trying to get "normal" before they will send me home. I think they will really try to get me out of here tomorrow. My potassium and magnesium are still to low. My plates are up one day then down. My bleeding is off and on and seems to be coming from the tumor in the rectum. The GI doc stopped in last night and for some reason I pucked a ton. That is the second dr this week i did this to. Pray we all get better soon. Thanks for asking. Jeff

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Posts: 3348
Joined: Jan 2010

Hoping they can get your count up soon. Those number are prob part of the prob with the blood issue.

Praying for your health to improve not only to get you home again, but also long term.


Marie who loves kitties

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I know what it is. You have become allergic to doctors. Puking is your defense mechanism.

Sending you my "Get out of jail free card" for tomorrow.



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Good on you for this. My issue was often the docs would come round during a good patch of the day and think everything was great- later I would collapse , puke and feel crap. Best to show the docs how you are really feeling!

Hope things settle down to 'normal' for you ,


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...they don't understand what we're going through, anyway, so might as well just show 'em! All kidding aside, I hope and pray you get through this and get home soon. Hang in there. Dan

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