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Radiation same spot more then once???????

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I could swear I was told by a Dr-that you can only have radiation to body part ONLY ONE TIME...I am having issues with same breast-unsure what yet..seeing surgeon this week. But wondering what happens if the need for radiation on same breast? DID i get wrong info?


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When I went for my radiation set up for breast cancer I mentioned that I had radiation before. The rad onc asked where and I told him it was pelvic, internal and external. He said that was fine but if I had breast radiation treatment then I couldn't have it again to the same area. They will know where exactly your radiation was done and if it is the same area I am under the understanding that they will not do it again.
But on the other hand I thought that RE had radiation to the same area so it might depend. The best thing will be talking this over with your rad. onc.
I hope all goes well for you and I will keep you in my prayers and kind thoughts.

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I had radiation for Hodgkin's Lymphoma to the mantle area, chin to top of stomach. This radiation caused my breast cancer. I was unable to be treated with radiation again. Of course, I'm not sure if this applies for 2 BC in same breast. Best wishes.

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Idont think soeither, that is why they usually do a mastectomy

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to the hips, tailbone, spine and pelvic 2x. Rad onco said she was able to do this because of the amount of rads the first time. 13 treatments, and 12 the second time to the same area. But now I have had all that I can to that area, so there are other factors involved.

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Denise, Stef is correct I had rads (6 weeks worth) to the breast I had my lumpectomy on. I then had 6 infusions of chemo, 6 months later in came back in the chest wall on the same side so I was giving the OPTION of having more rads to combat the cancer. It was my choice and I was aware of the problems it could cause...I choose to have 10 more weeks of rad to basically the same general area of my chest to ensure the cancer was dead along with an additional 18 infusions. This all occurred between 1997-1999. Please let us know how things go for you.



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Thanks for all the replies...

MY appt is a week from tomorrow with a breast surgeon.


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I registered with the NCCN (National Cancer Coalition Network) a while ago. On there you can check current guidlines as they sometimes change. Its a little confusing but very interesting for all aspects of treatment.

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