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good news

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i had a PET scan on thursday, and my oncologist called me later in the day to give me the results. i am almost completely clear of lymphoma, just a couple of patches in my abdomen. i have two more chemo sessions to go and then the final PET scan t n=make sure that the residue is gone, and then i'm good to go! i'll have to start a massive exercise program to get my strength and muscle tone back, but wow, this is great! now i have to figure out what to do with this extra slice of life i've been given. preserve it? gobble it down? i think i'll share it with everyone who has been good to me (not literally, of course) by finding something useful to do which affects people. got a couple of months to think about it while i go through the tunnel of chemo-madness two more times. anyway, thanks for your support!! and may your luck be as good as mine! (feel like i just won the lottery)


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Al the more reason to look ahead to the end of trratment and the beginning of re-conditioning. All the best!

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Very happy for you sweet looking bald lady... Like the bald look please don't get me wrong... Feeling happy for you and wishing you for a cure...
Lots of luv...

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thanks!! (personally, i love the bald look. when my hair grows back i might just keep shaving my head.)

i've been learning a lot since my diagnosis and during my treatment, and it's not all about makeup and hats, either. during my last horrible prednisone crash-week (ugh), i realized that lots of ideas which i have hung on to for very many years really don't mean a damn thing. they aren't what makes me myself. it's been a very shamanic process--going into the underworld,getting torn into fragments, getting reassembled, and returning to the so-called real world with a message. joseph campbell's hero's journey comes to mind. we're all heroes. some of us come back safe and others don't make it, and some of us stay home and wait for the one who's journeying, but we're all heroes.

slay those dragons!!!


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Max Former Hodg...
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Glad you are assmebled and well in the real world !

May you remain healthy in the real world ! (And any other worlds you may travel through.)


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Happy for the good news, V.

Maybe you should have a scoop of "ice cream" with
your slice of life?



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So so happy for you!! Great news! You made my day!

I am getting my results Tuesday. Expecting good news too as I feel good. I like you want to give back. Raise funds for research, volunteer for rebuilding my beloved NJ shore, there are so many ways this can go. But first getting back in shape is number one for me too. I've been doing yoga (gentle) and it feels GREAT.

I pray that you continue to gain strength in all ways and thoroughly enjoy your new path.


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awesome news!!!!!

miss maggie
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You did win the lottery. I was so happy to read your good news. God Bless Maggie

Anonymous user (not verified)

Congrats on the good news! I love how you are still doing treatment, but focusing on moving on and getting your strength back. You're already seeing the light at the end of that tunnel of chemo-madness :) It brings me good cheer :)


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This song came to mind when I read your good news...it's a happy song! Enjoy your wonderful news and run like the wind with it! Much love....Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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tall floridian
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Great news - God bless you and your family - I too am in remission.

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That's wonderful news!!!
I love your take on life.
This whole cancer thing sure does make ya sit up and take notice, doesn't it?

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....only not one i would have asked for ;D

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Really happy for you V, just awesome news! Take care and love your attitude towards life. (((Hugs)))


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Sooo happy for you. I get the exercise part as I don't have my strength and stamina back yet either. I get sooo impatient about it too but oncologist says it will take awhile. I doesn't help that when I got back to work I have a job where I sit all day at the computer either!

What is your exercise regimine? I'll have to start that too in the next month or two.

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