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what is going on?

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As most of you know, my husband was diagnosed june 2011 w/NSCLC; six months later his sister was diagnosed with leukemia (she died in August) ...my brother called today and told me his wife was just diagnosed with SCLC she also has bergers disease (caused by smoking ) and has had multiple amputations of her legs and fingers/hands. How can this be happening? I'm just numb for a lack of a better word.

My husband was hospitalized during the week of the 22nd because he got so sick from the taxotere and has since stopped working. His hair is falling out now, his skin is peeling, and he sleeps a lot. He goes back to the dr on the 7th for another treatment. While he was in the hospital they put a power port in to make getting treatments easier for him.

please pray...

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I am from the ovarian cancer discussion board, but was checking in here for a post I had entered earlier. I saw your post, and want to let you know I will pray for you, your husband and your family. We have been through deep valleys like this, one thing after another, that just defied explanation.

Sending my prayers for strength, peace and healing for all of you.


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I feel for you. It's just not fair that one person has to deal with so much. But then there is nothing fair about cancer. It sucks.I was dx with stage 1a lung cancer 6 months after my 76 year old mother was dx with stage IIIc ovarian cancer. Hang on and stay strong and above all take care of yourself also.


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