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baden baden will never be the same! adults only!

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for adults only!

so after a full conference day

my doctor mikael from denmark took me to the most famous spa in baden baden.
anyone ever got naked with your doctor before ?

the caracalla is spectacular

it was great to meet my doctor from denmark, he took me to the conference, it was great to goto the thermal baths and relax afterwards.

i got used to the nudity thing in the sauna, i was embarrassed about the chemo port and plug and needle still in place while i was in the pool and sauna. i looked like a drug addict or worse.

butt i realised the funniest thing when i got home. the reason a few of the guys were smiling at me! in my new slim body. well i am not as sexy as i thought, it turns out i had these hot pink
physio patches on each butt cheek. now i completely had forgetten i had these on. they are the cure for my sciatic back pain and the physio asked me what colour. ok so i picked pink for a laugh with her. little did i realise i would be going to a public nude sauna and that my pink tape on my butt may have had other connotations.

we live and learn and laugh.


ps some of the most beautiful women i have ever scene were at the sauna. they say don't hide your light under a bushel, well these beautiful people don't hide much. of course they had a nude bar in the sauna complex. my doctor and i had a beer! then i had a carrot, beetroot and celery juice. so i had a vegy juice while butt naked at the bar in baden baden. i never thought metastatic colorectal cancer could be so much fun!

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Wow! That's a unique bonding experience with your doctor! *grins*


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Now we know the real reason you went to Germany. Just to show off those pink butt cheeks.
Well, heck, they were pink when you were born with them, so why not. Although, here is another example of your courage I know I wouldn't have. Maybe 40 years ago and drunk, but sure not now. It's so funny when I first clicked on your post, my computer came back with "fatal error" and I thought "Boy, Pete has really done it this time". LOL

Seriously though, I hope some of your many ventures have helped and that your chemo will go well with very little side effects.

Luv Ya,


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Good for you Pete! Nice adventure to get your mind off the treatments. My best to you, Ron

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Take me with you mate! LOL.

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for the best laugh i have had in a long time! i am still laughing! only you could pull that situation off & share it with us! glad you are enjoying life.

pete43lost_at_sea's picture
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Joined: Nov 2010

no real point getting to embarrassed any more, about anything.

even a simple fart, well so many are embarrassed.

every time i pass wind now without an accident i thank god, its a miracle!

I remember the bag days,

I remember the nappy days,

now i just enjoy my days, come what may. its a great day to have removab!
its a great day to be alive and their has to be a way to outsmart colorectal metastatic cancer. Its fun trying...............


ps in the tour bus, next time i let one loose, i will own up. now thats personal courage. my fellow cancer survivors here are pretty battle scared, we have so much compassion for each other.

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