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Phew! It was scary and devastating. We lost all power, heat, phones, internet ... everything for 4 days. Hubby is still in NYC. He is so exhausted. Working 16 hour days. I hope he doesn't get so run down that he gets sick. I am so worried about him.

With the short days upon us, I dreaded seeing the clock tick away. 5:30 meant lighting candles and getting the flash lights ready. It meant soup and crackers for dinner. It meant going out to the car to charge my cellphone (even though I could use it minimally for text messages only) and to listen to local news so I would know what was going on around me. I needed to take sleeping pills because there was no way sleep was coming naturally. I never knew how dark DARK could get. I mean ... pitch black! I hate being alone. I did get a message from one of my brothers so I knew he was OK. And somehow my daughter (in Israel) was able to connect with me but only for a few minutes. We lost connection.

I am glad to have some normalcy back in my life. There are many businesses that are still not up and running. The transit systems is in a shambles. That's also one of the reasons hubby is still in NYC. Most of the transit is not able to roll yet.

SO, it's good to be back. I hope everyone is well.


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I can't believe the devastation! I look at the pictures and it's unbelievable. Prayers and well wishes go out to you and ALL those affected!

Sending big hugs,


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I am so glad that you are safe and sound! And power is so awesome. Hoping your hubby gets home soon and things begin to return to normal. But I know it will take time.

After Katrina, Danny and I didn't work for at least a month. My hospital and the Lockheed Martin in New Orleans were both closed. But I guess that was a blessing because our home flooded and we had a huge tree in the roof. We didn't know where to start.

But the most important thing is that you are safe! The rest will get slowly better. I wish I could bring you some coffee and beignets and make it go away! Big hugs!

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We lost power here in Cleveland for 2 days. It was cold and uncomfortable. Still many of our suburbs are without power until Monday. When the power went back on I felt such joy that I haven't felt in a very long time. I am so concerned about your neighbors too Mary. It seems like an eternity as they are suffering. Our own neighbors without power are really getting testy, but yours have lost all that they had. My heart is heavy for them.

So grateful for your post!

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Different Ballgame
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Dear Mary,

Everyone in Chicagoland is upset at the destruction caused by Sandy. I am very happy to hear that you are back, but more importantly that you are safe. Today my girlfriend said that the hotels in Manhattan were charging $1,000 per night. Do you know that to be true? She works for a major insurance company. It will be a day of celebration when your husband will be in your loving arms.

Lots of Hugs,

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There are laws prohibiting the hotels to overcharge under these circumstances here in VA. I would imagine it is the ssame most places. A hotel can not charge more than a posted amount. You know the rates you see posted on the back of doors or sometime in the closet area..etc depends on how fancy the hotel is as to where it is posted, anyway.. they can not charge more than that card shows the highest rate to be for that room.. now with that said, that doesn't keep a sleezy hotel owner from changing that rate card out and posting a higher rate. But I have to say if it is a major chain hotel, you will not find that. They do not take advantage of folks in trouble. If there is a special event..i.e New Years Eve, yes they will charge out the wahzoo to make a dollar.

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good to hear ok..


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I hope your hubby is able to join you soon. I'm Glad you're able to make some contact with your family as well. I'll continue to keep you and all those in Sandy's path in my prayers.
Miles of Love,

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I am so glad to hear you are alive. I was very worried about people on the east coast, especially the people I know from CSN. I can not imagine how scarey it is to be in the city in the dark and not have 100% access to the news.In the instant information age,how terrifying to go from all access (and sometimes more news than we want) to barely any. You are marvelous for getting through it.

I feel for you and your husband. What does he do? I assume he is part of the clean up? What a rough job.

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A lady in a class I take said her daughter who lives in Manhattan went to a Yoga class to search for some relaxation and normalcy. There were so many doing the same thing that they could hardly stretch out for the poses they were cram packed.

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Happy to read that the ordeal is over with Sandy. Cleaning up, making things right again will take a long time. What a mess Sandy made of NJ, NYC, CT, LI.

I know how dark it can get without power. I lived through an ice storm in 1998. I only had 3 days without power and was so lucky, others had longer and a friend was a month without power, living off the beaten path. I sat outside listening to the trees break. It sounded like distant fireworks on the 4th of July. It was awful to see the devastation Mother Nature had made.

Hope your life will normalize soon.



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Mary, I have been wondering how you were. I am so glad to know you are safe!

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So glad you are okay. The coverage on TV was awful. Thinking about everyone in the ne. Linda

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Welcome back! And I'm glad you're ok.



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