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when I get a dog, I think I'm going to name him Ned

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Hi, folks,

I'm emerging out of semi-lurker-dom here. Though I've been an awful contributor, this board is the last thing I read before I go to bed every night, and I've come to love that little ritual.

I just had my 6-month follow-up ultrasound and it was absolutely clean....NED. To refresh memories, I had a DaVinci partial nephrectomy in April for a 12-mm grade 1, stage 2 clear cell. I'll get the results of my bloodwork in a few days (or I'll hear sooner if there is any problem), but everything looks great. I feel quite fortunate. I healed quickly and relatively easily from the surgery (though no rollercoasters this summer, per Icemantoo's advice, though, as I can't stomach them anyway, this wasn't a difficult abstinence) and spent the summer enjoying my 5-year-olds.

In celebration of today's visit, I took the girls Trick-or-Treating and savored every single second of it. It truly is the little things.

On to the next six months.


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How about Neddie. As far as the tests with your diagnocis so good they are more CYA for the doctors than any real worry. At this point you should be able to refer to them as NBD (no big deal). As for the roller coaster your girls will join you soon. I did the Gemini at Cedar Point with my then 10 year old granddaughter to keep this old man from getting scared.


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Congrats on the great news. Now of course you do need a dog! And Ned is the perfect name. I see Ned in your future for many years to come!

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