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101.8 fever

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David started complaining of some pain last night and whining this morning. They just took his temp and it was 101.8. Now we are waiting for more lab work. This morning has been crummy. I got up early to do some work for meetings people are covering for me this morning and my laptop came up with a system error. So I am down to checking everything on my phone, which doesn't allow me to attach the reports to email. At least I left them pretty good drafts to go by in the meeting. Just a little more fun to my day.

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David is running 101.8 fever. The ct scan found some nodules in his lungs. Thinking they could be pneumonia setting up. Slight chance cancer has spread to lungs. Doing more tests.

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Tonsil Dad
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Hi Vivian, sending prayers and good mojo your way,
have faith that it not 'C' and the worst it will be is pneumonia.
Sorry David is having such a rough time.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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But that is my wish for today. Sorry your day has started off so crummy, here's hoping things turn around quickly.

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I hope they can treat David effectively and get him feeling better real soon. I can't imagine all he's been though. Please know our prayers and warmest thoughts are with you both ! Katie

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and hoping everything will be ok and that it is really just pneumonia!! Prayers sending all the way to you!!

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Prayers to both you and David

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Praying for you. Hope nothing in lungs....having said that I had several trips to the emergency room when I was going through chemo and radiation because of fever and all ended up ok. Hope the same for you. Ann

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David has been very lethargic today and when he is awake he says he is in a lot of pain. They just gave him some more phenegren for the nausea. I am glad because it helps him rest. The nurse we have today is the first one I have cared for. She doesn't check in and she doesn't appear to listen. She pulled IV fluids which is fine, but hasn't hooked a gravity bag of water or anything. He has been complaining of dry mouth yet hasn't had any fluids since 8 this morning. His potassium level is still down so they are giving him potassium in his tube. I just hope he starts feeling better soon.

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I'm sure they will do their best to make him comfortable soon. If you don't think the nurse has fullfilled her duties, don't hesitate to get someones attention to help. Hang in there..

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I know your heart is breaking for him. I am so sorry for you both. Lots of prayers for you and David.

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Sorry to hear it is still rough for you. My husband became severly dehydrated in the hospital right under the drs and nurses eyes. Took two days to rehydrate him. He became extremely lethargic, spiked a temp, and looked horrible. Dehydration is very scary and can happen somewhat insidiously. Hoping he feels better by days end and that results from CXR or CT of chest come back as fluid /pneumonia.


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