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Sarah's MRI

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Hello friends:
It is with a broken heart that I let you all know that the cancer has come back. First, her speech was slurred, then early this morning, I observed her face drooping. I knew we have to go. They did the MRI this morning instead of Tuesday. The scan showed a new tumor on the right side and possibly two smaller ones.
My heart is broken. I actually feel like I am going crazy. I am right on the brink.
We fedexed two MRI discs. One to Seattle and one to UCSF. What to do? I do not know. I must pray and pray for guidance. Please pray with me. I refuse to give up my faith. I know God is with us and he is with Sarah. God made Sarah.
I will let you all know what we do.
God's blessings to each and every one of you.

Edna and Sarah

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My Benjamin is wonderful, cancer free survivor, his doctor's called him boring after his
last MRI. He has the deletions, and had aggressive treatment. His doctor's expect him to live a full life. We have been blessed.
Benjamin had swallow problems from the tube down his troat during surgery, and the few
days after. He was back to normal in about a week, but had several swallow test, and had to eat a special diet. This scared him more than the surgery to remove the tumor. I held his hand and told him I would be there every step of the way, and he is holding me to it. Gotta love that kid.
Swallow test is basically having Sarah eat certain foods, as they watch on a flora scope the food being swallowed. First they, drink this white chaulky substance, which shows up on the x-rays. Wishing her the best.
Roger Maris Handbook is a book covering every stage a person faces during cancer
treatments, diet, exercise, feelings, questions, decribes all testing and what they are
for, everything you can think of is in this handbook and a few you don't think of, prepared by Roger Maris Cancer Center, and given to every patient on their first visit. I am surprised more facilities don't hand out something like this. Designed to relieve the stresses of having to deal with cancer and to keep one focused on healing.
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and Blessing for Health.



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Hi Carol:

What a blessing for Ben and your family! I am very happy for you. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving.

God Bless you.

Edna and Sarah.

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Hey Sarah

Still praying for you both. May God be merciful and kind to you and to Sarah. May his hand be upon her and may his peace flood her heart and yours as you face each day.Keep going keep fighting. We're doing the same on our end fighting fighting fighting and believing:-)



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