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Joined: Sep 2011

Any one heard from Anne Behymer and Arizona Grandma? Just wondering how they are doing. Best, Debrajo

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know about them but I have also been wondering about gardengal (Kathy).


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for raising the concern about these ladies. I don't know how they're doing either but hopefully someone knows and will let us all know.


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Anne Behymer posts on the Teal Warriors Facebook page frequently. She has recently been in a rehab center and will be moving to an assisted living facility. Her mom was caring for her, but Anne's condition has become such that her elderly mother is just not able to take care of her.

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So good to hear from you too!


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I am currently doing good. been waiting almost 6 weeks on my t cell gene rearangemnet test to come back to see if i have lymphoma from the chemo. if you can all pray it will be appreciated.

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With us at least once a month if possible. We care about you and just want to know how you are doing. I know we have a lot of lurkers who visit but do not post. Please post if just to say hello......Val

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