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My grandad is in the last stages of lung cancer?

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The hospital discontinued treatment on Thursday and are now keeping him comfortable they have said that he has days left , he is still responding to us and giving us some lovely smiles how long does it usually take before he will pass away. Does it happen sudden or will we recognize when it is approaching
Thanks to anyone who as been through this and can help?

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Every death has some similarities but each person, their disease, and it's effects are a little different. There's usually less eating, less fluid intake. It was described to me as the person is not dying becuase they aren't eating they are not eating because they are dying and it's normal don't force anything. There is a seperation from the living - they sleep more, there is motteling (discolorations) of the extremeties and they feel cool to the touch. They may speak of/to those who are already dead. In the end there is slowing of breathing, short then lengthening pauses between breats. The process can take hours, days, or weeks.

My prayers are with you and yours.

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