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No Wig Today For The First Time.

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Glad to be done
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Today is my first day going back to work withuot my wig on. It is going to interesting. I work in a hiigh school and kids are going to wonder why. My hair is short but I have alot of it. Saturday was my birthday and I went ang got it trimmed up and done. I like it alot but can't wait for it to grow some more....

We were talkig about it Friday at work and one of the nurses told me"You fought your *** off to kick that cancer and you are a survivor.. You deserve to show the world that your are tough and kicked cancers ***". I am not nervous about the adults. It is the students. You know how teenagers can be...lol

Saturday nihgt my husband had a party for for me and everybody loved my hair...

Wish me luck...... Have a wonderful day.

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You are beautiful and I am sure no one will be rude..they will compliment you on your bravery and returning to work. you must be be so happy...Val

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Glad to be done
Posts: 569
Joined: Jul 2012

Thanks Val. It was a great day. Everyone loved it. It is such a relief to not wear that wig. We went to a soccer game tonight and it was nice to put my hoodie on when I got cold and not have to worry about my wig..

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and congrats on getting back to work. ((((HUGS)))) Maria

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you had a great day. You have gone through a lot but are back to work and sporting a new hairdo. I never covered my head and even when it was shiny bald I never noticed one person staring or doing a double-take. I didn't care if they did but it was surprising.


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kimberly sue 63
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Congrats on the new hair!!! it has got to feel great to have it back. I can hardly wait for mine!!! Send a picture, we would love to see it!! Be proud ...show it off!!Kim

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Glad to be done
Posts: 569
Joined: Jul 2012

I will.. I will make it my picture on here. I will someone take a picture of me... It feels so good. Today it will be in the 70's and I ca open the sunroof and window and my hair won't blow around...

Such a relief.

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Good for you! I remember the first time I took my wig off, for the frist time lol. It is always such a relief! Can't wait to do it again. My eyelashes have already started growing back and I think I feel some stubble on my head.

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