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Family, friends...hmmm gotta love 'em !

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Hi guys and gals,
Was trying to help get my 79 yr. old Father relocated to my kid sisters house this past wk. end. Not alot I could do but drive a loaded van, but it was important I was there. All I heard was...you're not eating enough...you look worn out...are you sick again. I laughed and said STOP...I'm here and it's all good. Yeap, I'm looking like one of the walking zombies on the movies, but saying this I am still putting one foot in front of the other every single day. I guess they think after almost 11 months I should be the old strong Kate they knew. I accept me...and in time they will too. I also locked my keys in the van with my purse in it ! LOL...what a trip that was...but we got it unlocked. My family is awsome and I love spending time with them. I have learned through this site to accept life as it is...and one foot in front of the other. And the importance of laughter, I still have my humor intact...and will never let that go ! Hoping everyone a great week ahead, will be thinking of you all ! Katie

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It is good to be around family and friends. Some understand and some just watch to see how we are doing. Some wondering why we are not doing better. But they are there and we just need to be honest and let them know what we can do and cannot do. It also does us 'good' to be able to help in whatever way we can.

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Family is truly a blessing...life is all about those we love and who love us.

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I love hanging with my sisters, we've been close all our lives...and when we get together, it makes me feel normal....we talk about normal things, laugh at things not so normal, and love each other to bits.

Kate you've hung on to your sense of humor all thru this....so many of us have. What would we do without a good laugh in spite of everything....hell, in spite of ourselves...


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they generally are a blessing. So far no "You did not really say that" in my cancer journey. But did have my ENT (female) say I looked younger, WOW considering I felt like I aged 10 years during the last 6 months that was nice to hear. Glad you got your keys out.

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Hi Katie,

Well you stumped me. After reading all your brilliant, exacting and heartfelt threads lately I was going to compliment you on how great you look, not like a zombie at all. You’ve been putting one word in front of the other on a daily basis; I was going to ask you what you’ve been eating so I could get a bowl of “Katie O’s” too.

Keep doing it right Katie.



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Im sure they mean well, but my workplace is the same way, they think the day radiation ends, I will be back to 100 % ready to go. I don't think most people who haven't had this disease can truly comprehend. They will tell you they understand then wonder why you don't want to talk with them on the phone for an hour.....thats the true blessing of this site is the shared experience...

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