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Wigs and hair loss

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For those of you who went wig shopping how many went for a real hair one. Are they worth it? They are so expensive.

Lisa 00
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Sorry, I do not know anything about natural hair wigs. I do think I remember finding a blogger who said that the natural hair didn't compare at all to the artificial hair when it came to maintaining a style. That you have to style a real-hair wig like you would your own hair. Whereas the fake wigs always look good. Personally, I would stick with the tried and true fake ones.
I do want to tell you that my health insurance had a $400 allowance for, what was it, a "cranial prosthesis". I didn't realize it until after I bought a wig. If I had known that going in, I would have bought a really, really nice wig. Something shoulder length and THICK. Anyway, you might want to call your health insurance and ask about it. The insurance wanted a prescription from my doc and I had to submit the claim form myself as my doctor's office claimed ignorance on the issue.

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I have 1 real hair wig and I love it ! You have to style and take care of it like your real hair but it feels and flows so natural. I am a blonde and I wear my hair long. It was difficult for me to find a synthetic long wig that looked real. I was able to color the real hair with the roots a little darker and match my real color. I do have 2 synthetic short style wigs that I wear for working out and when I'm knocking around.

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Well it certinaly sounds encouraging that you are working out during treatment.

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Glad to be done
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I had two fake ones... I figured if I had to lose my hair and wear a wig I certainly was not going to spend all that time every day doing fake hair.... I stopped in to visit my hairdresser during treatment. Until we started talking about my wig the 3 other hairdressers had no idea I was wearing a wig...

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I did not wear a wig last year when I went through chemo. I went bald and proud. Went back to work, out to play and shopping and at home working in the yard. It was 100 degrees in Texas last summer. No wig, no hat abd no scraf, just bald! Praying you find the right wig and make teh best decision for yourself. trish from Uterine cancer board and from Texas.

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I had both. The real hair wig was too full and I had the stylist thin it out quite a bit. If you are used to doing your own hair, you won't have a problem but if you aren't that person, then get a good synthetic wig. My synthetics are from Rene of Paris and are the "Amore" line - monofilament caps. That means you can part them anywhere and the "scalp" looks perfectly natural. I wore it during port placement surgery and no one was the wiser.

I made friends with my wig early on and this year I donated all but my favorite synthetic and the human hair wig to the salon at MD Anderson. They cut and style patients hair for free, provide wigs, scarves, etc. I also donated new and virtually new wigs that had belonged to Rooker Bird. Before she passed, she insisted on having her son drive her to my house, so we could meet "in real life" and she could give me the wigs. I promised her I would find a good home for them, and I did.

Go to a brick and mortar wig store and try on wigs. Then make note of the color, brand and style that flatters you best and order off the internet. You can get really good, name brand wigs at half price that way.

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And scarfs and a new item called Chemobeanies. I have a wig and it is well worn and I don't want another.I am much more comfortable..the wig I have is synthetic and did it 's job.....Val

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I wore hats and got a lot of compliments. Saw some women at the cancer center with wigs and you couldn't tell the difference. The ladies looked stunning in them...I bet you'll look great no matter what you wear.


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