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Chemo Round II 10/18/2012

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Today I woke up and felt normal in bed as I have each morning, funny thing, if you don't move about, and just lay there with the sun streaming in, with your puppy dogs on the bed and your husband next to you, you would think it was a normal day.
After getting up, I noticed my stomach was a little off, had a bit of diarrhea, but not bad ta all, just stomach a bit burning. Had a crossiantwich from Burger King and it settled into my stomach nicely, I was pleasantly surprised. Later on during lunch my son invited me out for it, but I didn't really feel like eating, so drank a coke instead, it's nice to drink cool things again, I have to drink slow so that it doesn't overwhelm my throat still, but a least it's cold stuff!!
I think my stomach has done better this time because I have kept drinking things, such as hot cocoa, hot apple cider, hot water with lemon slice (which gave me acid reflux, put in too much lemon)coffee, etc., in trying to stay better hydrated, I tried and succeeded in drinking enough the first round of chemo (2010)but not enough to stop me from feeling miserable, this time drinking more is proving easier on the body. If there's one thing I've learned from others is STAY HYDRATED, too many have landed in the hospital due to dehydration or adverse effects at home from it.
I feel much better today and better energy, as evening progresses, so does my sense of well being health wise. This morning after getting up was feeling off, and for most of the day, but the evening has me feeling much, much better, almost normal!!
I realize I am not up to cooking great the first week of chemo, I didn't want to touch anything cold from the refrigerator, nor the cold pan handle, or the cold forks and knives (plastic silverware is much better to use when on Oxyplatinin, does not feel cold)or water, etc., so pretty much spent time being hungry, had asked husband to cook me a couple of eggs, and he was so like "I don't know how to cook!!!", that I ended up putting on gloves (thanks Marie who loves Kitties!!!)cracking the eggs myself and cooking them. They did not taste as good as I thought they would (taster must be off)but I needed protein at that moment and force fed one of the eggs to myself, the dogs got the other.
So I have made arrangements with my daughter-in-laws mother who cooks for Father Leary once a week (she does all his meals for the week once a week)to include me and I would pay her, she said no payment necessary, but she doesn't have a lot of money either and food costs money to buy and to make (gas, electric, water, etc)and at 150.00 a week for her to prepare 2 cooked dinners,(hubby likes to eat too for some reason) nutritious dinners for seven days, is well worth it. I just need the help for about 7 days and then can cook all I want after, as I am about to do today!! Bring on the beef/cabbage soup ingredients I am about to cook one heck of a soup!! I consider myself very lucky to have this solution to dining during that first week of chemo, I wonder how others cope?


stop eating that crap. maybe thats what gave you diarea. too much infor . Eat healthy. program your brain not to go to fast food places. geez. stay out of those places. garbage.

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As for the diarrhea mentioned is consider by you as "being too much info", the reason I am putting things down is so that others that are going through this chemo regime have some idea of what it may be like. Unfortunately, body changes such as diarrhea are part and parcel of the chemo (burger king was after the diarrhea and haven't had it since the burger king)so I will continue to mention "unsavory" things like diarrhea and such.
And who are you to tell me to program my brain not to go to a fast food place? Do you know me so well that you feel you can berate me for going to a fast food place while on the first week of chemo and especially since I rarely go to a fast food joint, that you act as if that's all I did? Shame on you, for not knowing what I do, yet berating me on something that you assumed. I noticed you just joined October 2nd of this year, stick around, we are fairly nice people, who don't normally engage right off the bat in mean spiritedness as you have just done to me, maybe a little kindness will rub off on you.

stop eating garbage. cokes and burger king. awful . Gross. eat healthy. stop frying stuff, cabage is actuallly good for yo. no oil in water. stay away from cokes and fast food places. Of course you don't feel good, it;s because you eat that crap.

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I felt good AFTER the junk food. And when on chemo, I really am not up to cooking, and cannot afford to eat at a restaurant. So I will enjoy my little crossantwhich from Burger King more in the future (actually it's the first time I've been to Burger King in years, it happened to fit the bill that day)and as for cokes? Well, that's my little addiction that's not likely to end now.
I believe that I didn't feel good was because I had CHEMO, funny thing, CHEMO, tends to make you not feel very well the first week after having it.
And your comment "stop frying stuff", um, exactly when did I mention frying stuff?

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And why in the world are you lecturing someone in this fashion? If you think DIARRHEA is TMI, than I would suggest you find yourself another forum. Here at CSN we share the real world of colon cancer, and that sometimes includes things that aren't all that pleasant, but we all get it, because this is our reality. I ate whatever sounded good to me during chemo, and that sometimes included junk food. I'm still here, NED three years later. Your tone is quite unacceptable and if you want to continue as part of this forum, I'd suggest you rethink how you communicate with people. Ann Alexandria

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You are obviously new here given when you joined and the limited number of posts.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and you shared yours...none to nicely I might add.

Since you didn't put your history on your account you give us no idea of your "experience" on the cancer trail.

Winter Marie is sharing her own experiences, and beleive me she has come from no hope at all to surgeries and now a recurrance. Her insights are invaluable. She is not advocating anything just giving information. And by the way if speaking of diarrhea, poop, or any other bodily function offends you, then you have come to the wrong board. We have colorectal cancer and those are definately topics which concern us.

It is her life, her body and her fight so she is entitled...yes I said ENTITLED...to do it her way!

Marie who loves kitties

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It appears she has breast cancer, not colon, so I'm not sure why she feels the need to come to this board and be unpleasant to folks. I'm very sorry you're in a bad way, TOTF, but many of us are in a bad way...that's no excuse for rudeness.

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