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Meeting up

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I know this would cause difficulty. But wouldn't it be wonderful if as many of us as possible could meet up one time. I would just love that but it would be of course very difficult. May be State by State would be more doable. Just a thought.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Some of us are able to meet up...there is a small group in No CA that meets occasionally. A larger group in So CA meet, a group meets in Hershey PA annually. There might be groups that meet elsewhere that I don't know about.

The groups usually start with one pink sister sending an invitation out to the group, to check on interest. The same sister usually does the logistical legwork as well, picking a location and time etc.

It is really wonderful when we can meet in person, for me it was like seeing an old dear friend. There was no pause in conversation, it has been so enjoyable.



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There have been meetings of some of the pink sisters here. We used to joke about meeting in Vegas or something. It would be great!

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I have been fortunate in being able to meet up with a few over the years: 3 in Ca, 1 in Orlando and 1 in New Orleans. What is truly amazing to me is that each and every person that I have had the honor of meeting is so genuine, sweet and, well, just lovely! Try and get together when you can cuz I highly recommend it!

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