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Doxil and Avastin

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Has anyone out there had Doxil and Avastin for USPC?
This was recommended to me by a Gyn/Onc from NYU
I'm the one who flunked initial chemo of Taxol/Carbo
Feel fine except for post-chemo fatigue


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Dear belia

I do not know how else a doctor gets a sample of one's UPSC cancer cells without surgery so I don't know if your onc was able to do a test to determine which chemo drug thwarts your cancer particular cells the best.

I will ask my onc nurse this week about Doxil/Avastin and see what she says. As of Friday, 10/12 my onc wants me to try genzar (gemsar)/carboplatin for my 3rd chemo. Perhaps this is a possibility for you to pose to your onc dr.

Confusing isn't it? We are our own advocates it seems. So many drugs to choose from but who knows what works?

What I do know for just me re: taxol:
Taxol considered my "big gun" per testing. Hind site: Taxol did kept my cancer from spreading WHILE I WAS TAKING IT. Minute I stopped taxol (with carboplatin) regime the UPSC spread w/mets - both times. The toxicty is cumulative so I reached my max taxol in two runs.

So your bodily reaction is justified.

Strange humor: Taxol developed from the bark of the California Yew tree - I giggle and think too bad I am not a beaver and can eat yew bark all day. problem solved.

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