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Reminder for Sunday Oct. 14

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I was asked for a reminder so here it is.

Sunday Oct. 14 at 4 p.m. Eastern time is the time for our group to send prayers, good wishes, good vibes or whatever good thought you can for all the members here who are going through difficult times.

Marie who loves kitties

(No response necessary)

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we all need prayers, its a challenging journey.
I hope I am well enough to get to the local church, never been to mass in german before.


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Thanks for the reminder. Thoughts, good vibes and prayers can work miracles.


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I'll be saying them at 2 my time. That is, if someone gives me a nudge and wakes me up!

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Posts: 3269
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Tell Lulu!

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So what do we do! Answer a thread with prayerful responses or just pause in a moment of silence on our own?

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yes i did!

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Thanks so much for organizing this yesterday. I prayed right at 4 and i hope many others did as well.

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Posts: 2215
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Maybe we should do this more often. It seems like our collective prayers have helped or it is a big coincidence. So much bad news lately which led you to call for a group prayer. Suddenly we seem to be having a run of good news from Mags, Kim, Judy, Lou.

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