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Chemo Round II 10/13/2012

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Second day after chemo, during the night I woke up a couple times suffering some long hot flashes, all sweaty, I stayed under the cover although I wanted to throw it off, I didn't want that pain from cold hands and feet I knew would happen if I did. Other then that slept through the night just great. Woke up this morning and was in wonder that I felt very normal, as if it was just an ordinary day, no pain, no aches, until I decided to stretch my legs and they started cramping, stopped in mid stretch immediately and the cramping went away. So just laid there awake, enjoying feeling quite well and normal. Got out of bed and headed for coffee machine, barefoot, note to self...tile floors are cold in the morning, put on slippers next time. Ow, ow, ran back to bedroom and put on socks.
My legs get cramped when I walk, my son came over and called it a Frankenstein walk, my fingers do not want to type properly, nor do they turn a newspaper page well, and they occasionally pull back in a spastic way. I have taken about 5 cat naps today, and when I have rubbed my eyes I see lovely black spots, the kind you see when you are passing out, I wasn't passing out, just something about what the oxy is doing to the body, that black spots appeared and took awhile to disappear. So trying to remember not to rub the eyes. I did have a couple of hot flashes today and then cold sweats. The nausea feeling crept in about 11:00 this morning and has hung on, although I haven't thrown up, I think the reason I'm having the nausea feeling is I wasn't prepared with any marijuana on hand, one of my few but what I think is the most worthwhile supplements that I take (if one can call marijuana a supplement).
I've been drinking hot cocoa with milk, hot coffee, hot apple cider and this evening hot water with fresh lemon slices from the lemon tree two doors down (my lemon tree is only 2 1/2 feet tall and not bearing any lemons yet), I yearn for cold ice water and coke cola, but remember all too well how bad that felt drinking the first go around with the oxy in 2010, not making that mistake any time soon I hope. I have a lot of math homework to catch up on, so hope am feeling much better by tomorrow.


Hi there! I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy the fact you share so much of what you are going thru. I came to this site to learn more and help my own understanding of what my father must be feeling. I know it is devestating for our family.. I could only image how he felt less than a month ago when they said the horrible "C" word to him. He is still in the hospital and just started radiation last week, but it seems to be too painful for him and has to stop. We are hoping he will get healthy enough for chemo. but they said surgery is out of the question. They have also given him a timeline of less than 6 months, and said without radiation, we wouldnt know him a month since it is in his brain. I have to admit, I am extremely encouraged after reading your story! THERE IS HOPE!!! Thank you for sharing :)

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Yes, they told me no surgery either. But the chemo helped a lot and I got the surgery. I was off of chemo for 7 months and my cancer cells woke back up and I am on the chemo again. Hopefully it works it's wonders once again and I can have the surgery AGAIN. One gets down and a little depressed when having to go through chemo, but he can do it!!!
I hate when it gets in the brain, that's one of the scariest places, that along with bone mets. But my sister-in-law has mets to bones, lungs, liver and original start was the breast cancer, and she is doing well so far with her chemo for the past year.
I hope that your father gets healthy enough for chemo and reacts well to it!!!

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