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From the Cancer Institute

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But hey there's no money in it for the big Pharmas.


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I do think that when it comes to fighting and treating cancer that all areas need to be researched. The money thing really irritates. If there is a treatment method that can bypass the surgery,cemo, raditation why not try it. I for one would like to see PC go away and be crossed of the cancer list.

The problem is that there are mindsets that limit and donot expand or encourage. I can see using this for medical treatment.

With an open mind problems can be solved.

The big Pharms are way to entrenched in the bottom line, and will never admit that there might be a different fix to the problem.

The only plus on my side is that I live in a state that allows this for medical treatment and if need be I can follow thru.

Cancer is real why not allow all treatment methods within reason.

So much for my rant. This is good We as cancer surviors need to keep up on all treatment methods


Posts: 43
Joined: Mar 2012

You are so right Kurt. There are alternatives out there and I am a member of a FB group that has so many that are being cured and also managing do many different health issues with this method. It has been around for years but because there isn't money in it for them they don't want to hear about it. It is fast becoming more to the forefront though with cases going before the courts to have it legalized. It's a plant for crying out loud. Up until 1937 you could buy this at any pharmacy. More and more papers are being published. If you get the chance Google a Dennis Hill. He cured his prostate cancer with no conventional medicine and he was a researcher for cancer at MD Anderson.

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