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Primary bone lymphoma?

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Hi folks,

I'm one of those with early symptoms that most likely will turn out to be something benign and simple. I'm also one of those who hasn't felt these symptoms before and am scared. So I wonder if anyone here has any experience with this rare form of lymphoma. It mainly hits men in their 40's from what I've read. I'm a 46 yo male, in relatively good shape and not overweight.

About a month ago, maybe longer, my right hip began hurting badly with pain down my leg. A recent xray has shown osteoarthritus. The wierd thing is that after my hip began hurting, I have been getting strong pains in my forearm, upper arm, femur, left knee. It's as if something is moving around inside my skeletal system. With the exception of the knee and hip, it's in my bones. It moves. Very odd.

Currently, both armpits are swollen badly. I noticed about three weeks ago.They did not respond to antibiotics (will a virus do this?). I am waiting for ultrasound results, and what led me here was a search to find out what such results might show. It appears it will show my lymph nodes are swollen? That seems really silly to me. I know they are swollen. They hurt.

I did a search with these symptoms, and primary bone lymphoma came up. After my hip xray and arthritus determination, I added arthritus to the symptoms search, and apparently this can first express as arthritus. However, that is even more rare and unlikely.

Yesterday I developed post nasal drip and a sore throat, and today it is obvious I'm getting sick. Perhaps I've been fighting a virus all along.

And in August, something caused me to start throwing up and hyperventilating (never done that before). Long story short, after 11 days without hardly and food or water I was admitted to the hospital. I had an acid/base situation going on; my blood pH was 7.8.
They settled me out, but the cause remains unknown. Perhaps again it's a virus.

Anyway, I should just relax and let the doc do the tests. But this is wierd, and scary. Any comments? Thanks!

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Geeze ! A lot of stuff going on. While hospitals are no fun, it is probably the best place for you right now. I would insist on some tests to get this all sorted out. A CT is the beginning for spotting lymphoma in most cases. Ultrasound is not really very good at spotting dispersed lymphoma, if I recall correctly, but do not quote me on that. I have never heard of anyone getting ultrasounds to monitor lymphoma. Also, static x-rays are essentially worthless with lymphoma as well.

Do not self-diagnose. There are close to 40 types of lymphoma, and very often symptoms overlap. Only a biopsy can confirm lymphoma, and only a biopsy can determine what strain of lymphoma it is.

The most suspicious symptoms are the armpits swelling (as far as a lymphoma diagnosis go). Nodes pressing on organs or nerves can sometimes cause remote pains in very odd ways. I was diagnosed after going to a ER. The doctors there thought that I was having a heart attrack (unstable angina), but it ended up being a huge node pressing against my heart wall. I had had NO symptoms of lymphoma prior to then, except extreme fatigue.

I would demand a ct, unless your doc can otherwise explain what is going on. Let him tell you why it is NOT lymphoma, and why you do NOT need a ct....


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Thanks Max. Yeah, lots going on which is what is causing me so much anxiety. I hardly get colds, don't suffer from allergies; usually pretty darn healthy.

Ultrasound came back as benign; pcp says not cancerous therefore? I now have a sore throat, cough, dizziness, headache, muscle pain (to go along with the bones!), and fatigue so they are testing for West Nile. Armpits still swollen. West Nile will do that..don't have a fever though, but symptoms are different for everybody.

I just have to sit back for the moment I suppose. Thanks again.


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Well, West Nile negative. PHP sending me to surgery for a biopsy. New swelling in the right armpit she thinks.

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Hey Mark hope you get some answers, keep us posted.... Vinny

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I hope you recover quickly and the answers come twice as quickly!

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Thanks everyone. The surgery is tomorrow and I guess results come in a week. Very bad pain under my right shoulder blade and along spine today. This concerns me a bit because the bone pains have decreased after going off lipotor; however my hip has started again and now the shoulder.

I just hope they figure this out, whatever it is, so we can fight it.

I will repost once I know anything else.

Thanks again folks, and go Giants!!!!


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Hi Mark,
Good luck with your biopsy. My prayers and best wishes are with you. We are watching the game as I type this 1-0 "Go Giants" indeed! :) Sue
(FNHL-Grade2-Stage3-TypeA-Dx-June,2010-age 62)

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