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Radiation burn

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It's been over two years since I finished radiation but recently the radiation burn in my pelvis has flared up. I've been using calmoseptin, triple anti-biotic ointment and a medicated talc on it but not getting much relief. Has anyone else experienced burn flare up this long after radiation, if so what have you used to help?

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I have read that this type of flare can appear many years after treatment particularly when doing chemo after.

I was unable to find a specific treatment recommendation beyond bathing with luke warm water drying off by patting the area with a soft towel, moisturizing the skin, wear loose, soft clothing, avoid all soaps with perfumes (baby soap was recommended).

Here is a site that includes the "skin recall" issue:


Hope this is of some value.

Marie who loves kitties

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The link was very helpful. I've been using the baby care products for the past year (since I got on Victebix.) A bathroom snoop looking at the baby shampoo, soap, wet wipes, powder and lotion would have to ask "so, where's the baby?"

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Doc, I had to laugh on the baby items in the bathroom. I just had my reversal done and for preventative measures use baby wipes and diaper cream. I just had my first grandson so mine probably doesn't look so odd! Hope you find some relief soon. :)

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I had "radiation recall" -- which my onc explained was triggered by chemo, long after the radiation. He put me on a steroid cream -- a fairly heavy one, applied thickly -- for 7-10 days. It did clear it up. I'm not sure if it will happen again tho


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I won't see the onc again for two weeks, so I'll ask the nurses about it when I go in for disconnect tomorrow. They might be able to write a scrip for it. Thanks!

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Actually on occasions I'm still using the calmoseptine or aquaphore. It's not unusual but it sure is a lot better than first starting out. Hope you get some relief soon.


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