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Histology and progress

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Thought I'd pst a brief update now it is three weeks since my hind quarter amputatation and pelvic clearance for my recurrence of rectal cancer. Histology has come back showing they got clear margins which is great as would have been all for nothing without that. Will start scanning in three months and will be probably offered another round of chemo though cant face that thought at present.

Progress otherwise slow but steady. Colostomy slowed and functioning better and urostomy healing well. The big flap of thigh muscle they used to fill g is healing though has opened in one area so will be a slow process. Still have the sensation of my amputated leg being there but not a lot of what they call phantom pain in that limb so far which is good. Mobility improving and can now do some distance slowly on crutches. Functioning still poor- cant wash or shower properly yet and not worked on how to do tasks one legged but sure that will come.

Team starting discharge planning but need to get some things done at home- wet room, stair lift, ramp- and feel can be a bit more independent before I head there. Considering they said I would be in for 4-40 weeks though I am overall pleased with progress. Has been a huge exercise for the hospital that has included loads of surgeons including the chap flown out from Denmark, there is a debriefing happening next week to look at what has been learnt etc and they have asked me to meet with involved managers for their learning so there is an interesting wider process happening that I hope benefits others down the track.

Anyway that is me for now. Lunch then physio then sleep is my afternoon. Hope all are doing their best to stay well- am watching posts even if not contributing much at present.

Thanks for all the support, hope and prayers,


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Thank you very much for using some of your precious energy to stop by and give us an update.

It is wonderful to hear that your progress is good and you are looking a heading home in the near future.

Your decisions and experience are invaluable to the medical world of cancer. It is an honor to "know" someone like you.

Take care and continue the good progress.

Hugs and love to you and the family,

Marie who loves kitties

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Thank you for checking in Steve. We are all thinking of you and hoping that recovery continues to be good

Hugs to you and your sweet family.


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CContinued well wishes for your recovery Steve. Great to see you posting.

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You've sure exceeded expectations, Steve - way to go. While it sounds like there will be much to accomplish, it sounds like you've already accomplished a great deal. It will be an exciting time working with the medical folks documenting your story for the annals of modern medicine.

You've raised the bar to unprecendented heights - and we thank you for that.

"Get Well Soon."


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It's good to hear from you. Thank you for taking the energy to update our group. Glad to hear you're progressing. Must be rewarding to know you're helping others to come with your cutting edge procedures. My best to you in your continuing recovery.

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Steve, it's so good to hear from you directly. It sounds like your recovery is going amazingly well. Keep up the good work and attitude!

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Thank you gor the update Steve. You are in my thoughts and prayers each and every day.

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Steve, the days may seem long, but in adding up all those days.....the progress from where you "were" just seems remarkable.
Praying each and every day for you and your family.

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What a testament to your strength and fortitude. You've got a big fan base here in the States (and elsewhere in the world...don't mean to be all American-centric), and we're all rooting for you! Many hugs~Ann Alexandria

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That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you - and it sounds like you're recovering at a great rate of knots, which is amazing. I almost never post here but your story really does seem to drag me out of the woodwork - maybe it's the Antipodean connection :)

I just wanted to add, as someone who works in health care (albeit the mental health side of things), that I am so pleased to hear that they're closing the loop and making a real effort to learn a lot from this. I hope your actions are paving the way to offering real hope to others. What an absolutel phenomenal legacy!

Cathleen Mary
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Thanks so much for posting. All of our spirits are lifted by your good news. I can only imagine that this part of your recovery requires much patience..unfortunately, I don't have any to give you :) but will certainly hope that you have an abundance. Your attitude is amazing. You reside in our hearts as you move toward wellness...be gentle with yourself.
Cathleen Mary

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So glad you are doing so well. Your positive attitude and family will take you far.
Sandy :)

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Thanks so much for sharing. Great to read your progress notes. Sending healing prayers your way!

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Sending prayers and hugs my friend!

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Thanks for the update. You are doing great and give me so much encouragement to keep fighting every day. I praying your recovery continues as smoothly as possible. Jeff

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news! just want you to know i think you are a very strong man & that i pray every nite for you!

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Steve- so glad things are going well! Clear margins is a huge, huge deal!!!!!!!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhh take it a day, or step at a time. Lots to do before you get to the point of doing what you want! You will get there!

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Hi, Steve! You sound like you are in a good place. May God bless you and your family. Sounds like you are one strong person!


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