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Severe Sweating

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my brother has been experiencing heavy sweating from his head, he has 4 types of cancer, lung, liver, esophogus,stomach and lymph nodes and he is on chemo. We are on the phone now and he was told it's just from the cancer. Is this true, is it from the chemo or the cancer, and is there anything he can do. I am trying to keep him positive, keep his faith up as well as coping myself and it is difficult. He is my only surviving family.
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I am sorry I have no personal experience with this problem but it appears that a number of people have. I am including a link to a thread on the CSN forum on the topic.

Click Here to find link on head sweating

I am not sure what chemotherapy drugs your brother is taking but chemocare.com is an excellent resource to define potential side effects:

Click Here to find link to chemocare.com

He is very fortunate to have a caring person like you helping him.

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Paul Adams
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My husband Lee also had severe sweating, but some other symptoms too that could not be explained by our OC. A very wise nurse practitioner suggested that his hormones were being affected by the chemo and narcotics. She sent him for some tests, and bingo, she was right. His testosterone levels were out of whack. She then sent us to an endocrinologist for further testing. Sure enough, this imbalance was the cause of his problems, and he prescribed hormone gel to help with that issue. I have found a list of other possible indicators of testosterone imbalance which I will post below. Although we discovered this pretty late in the game, it did offer some relief for those symptoms he was suffering.

Physical Changes:
• Weight gain, especially around the abdominal area
• Bone loss
• Hair loss
• Muscle tissue loss
• Wrinkling of skin

Body Changes:
• Fatigue
• Decreased libido
• Possible erectile dysfunction (ED)
• Hot flashes
• Blushing
• Sweating
• Aches and pains

Mental Changes:
• Insomnia
• Nervousness
• Anxiety
• Stress
• Poor memory
• Depression
• Lower motivation level
• Apathy

Symptoms of Low Levels of Testosterone:
• Loss of energy
• Fatigue
• Lower or no sex drive
• Anxiety
• Bad Temper
• Loss of erections in the morning
• Loss of intensity of orgasms
• Joint pains
• Backaches
• Body stiffness
• Falling fitness levels

Read more: http://www.testcountry.org/signs-and-symptoms-of-testosterone-hormonal-imbalance.htm#ixzz29AmqQKo9

As you can see, many of these symptoms seem like they may be side effects of chemo, but sometimes they are not!! We were told that they first started doing hormonal testing on 'junkies', people addicted to narcotics. They found striking similarities to people undergoing chemo and using narcotics for pain management. If this profile fits, it would be a simple matter to have his hormones tested at the next appointment. It's not common practice, but it is becoming more widely done.

It's not much, but hope it helps!
wife of Lee
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This is helpful. Thanks!

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