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Something to try

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Now I will probably get reamed and abused for posting this and written off as a quack but this can't hurt to try and doesn't cost an arm and a leg, so bring it on.
There is scientific proof for this and there is also a website that I won't post here unless someone wants to message me. I don't want people posting on the site and insulting the cancer patient for no reason. Suffice to say he was diagnosed 2 years ago with Prostate Cancer that had mets to his bones.
It's a well known fact that cancer cells DO NOT like high PH levels. It kills them. So how can you raise your PH level in order to attack the cancer cells. Easy!!

Aluminum free baking soda.
Sulphur free Molasses.

This will raise your PH level and help fight off those cancer cells. AND it's all natural!! No nasty chemicals to put in your body.

There is also another choice, but that's illegal in most states, so that won't be talked about ;)

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I think that some of this will point in the direction of proper diet when fighting cancer. My wife and I have been doing in depth research into diet and cancer .

There are a number of good books out there on cancer diets and they talk about this. The one CD and book that is real good with diet is FORKS OVER KNIFES.
Also the China Study.

I modified my diet in Feb of 2011, and donot miss the standard western diet.

I have taken a full circle approach to fighting cancer, Medical, Diet, Life style changes and am not upset.

There are number of people on this forum that have changed their diets, I m about 90 percent vegetarian, I do eat some meat. Chicken and Fish.

Donot worry about abuse, Everyone has their opinions. I do think that an open mind is needed in fighting cancer.

I for one am always looking at all of the treatment methods. And this is because cancer for the most part is a mystery.

Diets are on the top of my list right now.


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You are absolutely right Kurt. Diet is also a huge part of it. I changed my husbands also and I am sure that this is playing a huge part in keeping him strong enough to fight. There are concerns however with the recent news coverage of GMO in our food. It's so hard to know what you are putting into your body that isn't full of pesticides and what has been genetically altered. There is also some studies going on in the scientific community about the Endocannabinoid system that people have and why it is being blocked from releasing the cancer fighting ligands. If it becomes out of whack for some reason then the cancer cells are free to do their bidding, if you will. So there is all sorts of research going on. We just have to arm ourselves with the tools available to fight this disease and do what we feel is right for our bodies. And you are also right about keeping an open mind :) Keep up the good fight my friend.

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