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Monday surgery cancelled, new date is Thursday

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Well, the PET scan showed more tumors lungs and liver , and after PET and ultrasound they still don't know where the 3.3 cm mass is hiding, apparently outside the colon, not in ovaries, so sitting here waiting on CT Scan. So new surgery date is Thursday, they still will operate. Thank goodness.
Winter Marie

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So very glad you are still a candidate for the surgery. Will it just be for the liver or will they perhaps go after the elusive 3.3 cm mass as well?

I hate to see it delayed as you were all set for it, but better the short delay than not to happen at all.

Hugs and wishes for best news.

Marie who loves kitties

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really been thinking about you today as i knew your surgery was coming up on monday.still hope thursday is a go.hang in there....Godbless...johnnybegood

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I've been thinking about you a lot lately and your surgery. Know that you are a "spirtitual" person so I'll keep you in my heart for the best outcome (and a prayer :) - you are a very valued person on this board and am glad that you have the surgery options available to you. Just love your spirit and drive that this path has given you. You shine girl :)

Hugs to you, Kim

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Winter Marie,
You have a strong inner spirit, and courage. Sorry to hear the delay. Sending you prayers and positive thoughts for a successful surgery. I appreciate all you do here for others. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

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It's always an adventure, isn't it? It sounds like some of this is good news (cancer NOT being in ovaries).
Here's to a very successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

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sorry that surgery got pushed back but i want you to know i pray for you every nite. hang in there!!!

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Winter Marie,

It sounds like you have a good group of docs that want the best for you and are going to go for it. I'll keep up the prayers.


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I don't understand you said it was a 3 cm mass but it's hiding?? did it show up on one scan and now they can't locate it?? Where did it originally show up, I'm thinking liver...but now they can't find it?? Will they do open surgery or laproscopic?

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I had one two years ago that was huge...lots and lots of cancer taken out. Spent two weeks in the hospital, which wasn't at all fun, but it was a huge success. Made the difference between life and death for me. It sounds to me like there is still plenty of hope for a great surgery and great results for you. Many hugs~Ann Alexandria
PS I had one tumor that was just sitting in the abdominal cavity, stuck in between the rectum and the ovary. I wonder if you might have something similar going on? They couldn't tell exactly where it was until they got in there. Mine was about 3 cm and they were able to remove it.

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Winter, I'm so glad that it's only a short delay before they get you in. I'll be thinking about and praying for you!


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They know it's there, just not what in? I guess one could say. At first it was thought to be ovaries, but it isn't there, thought to be in colon, but isn't there, so it's in the pelvic area, possibly touching the colon (which is why surgery is now Thursday, they are putting the colon surgeon on standby)and may need a colon resection as well if it is touching. What it's hanging onto in the pelvic area, I do not know.
Thank you for all your kind wishes, I'm am happy to have each prayer, etc., sent my way.
Winter Marie

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... what a story. I'm not a religious person so I may only sent a huuuuuuge heap of good wishes your way. I'll sure be thinking of you!

A hug from Germany

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for a thorough and complete surgery - and a quick recovery. Nothing beats surgery for solutions. Will be thinking of you on Thursday.

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Dear Winter Marie,
I'll be sending you prayers on Thursday for a successful surgery.

All my best,

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