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Coconut oil?

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So the pooch ate 1/2 jar of my coconut oil. I use it on my skin - have never cooked with it. I started googling to avoid a trip to the vet...she should be fine...seems ok so far. But in my searching I find info that it's apparently a "cure" for cancer.

Does anyone use coconut oil as part of their diet - do you just cook with it in place of olive or other oils? (I would buy a new jar and not use the half eaten by doggie jar :))

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we have used it, Tans has it in his wifes 'protocol'


Ray Peat is a big fan, and a very clever guy.

It doesn't cure cancer though.

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Jen, I do not have cancer, my mom does but I have used Coconut Oil for years. I use it for its healthy fats. I never cooked with it just took one spoonful with every meal.

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I just read a book on the benefits of coconut oil.
Doesn't cure, but instead of eating ice cream or frozen yogurt, I replace that with frozen coconut milk, and mix in things like cacao powder. I thinks it pretty good. Now i don't have to crave ice cream.
I was looking to reduce sugar and bad fats.
I was concerned about the amount of saturated fat in coconut oil/milk, but in the book it explains that it isn't like the bad saturated fat.
I wish I had tried coconut oil on my surgical scars just to see what would happen. It's probably too late now, but the book said it was good for putting on skin and helping with scarring.

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We use it heavily as our kitchen workhorse, along with some butter and olive oil. Coconut oil is a good cooking oil - it is not undersaturated where double bond rotation (transfats), breakage, and oxygen (rancid) transform undersaturated oils into bad things.

Coconut oil is mostly C12 (twelve carbon lauric acid) medium chain triglycerides rather than an inflammatory long chain saturated fat and MCT do not require bile to absorb. I am thinking about adding commercial MCT, which is mostly C8, even more ketogenic and more absorbable.

Medium chain triglycerides are used in low carb diets to replace sugar calories with healthier metabolites, and of course do not require insulin like sugar does. IGF, insulin growth factor, does promote cancer growth.

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got to love the coconuts


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Thanks everyone - i love coconut and the smell of the oil is great. I would not recommend half a jar per 70 lbs of body weight as the dog has not been feeling too well since yesterday.

I will be ordering more for cooking. Scared99 - do you mix it in your food or just eat a spoonful? I'm not sure I could do that, but I thought it might not be bad mixed in juices or smoothies.

The "ice cream" sounds like a great idea. My husband is not a sweet eater in general, but has been looking for some healthish dessert ideas.

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I use coconut oil as an option for healthy fats. I don't think it is a cure for cancer but then what do I know. I have a friend that melts it in his mouth swishes it a couple times of days then swallows it. He swears that is what keeps his teeth so white. Not tried that yet but thinking about it. Coconut milk and frozen fruit makes an awesome ice cream treat.

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