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Has anyone tried either of these alternative treatments? Please share your experience with the board. Thanks.

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I did. Only mega vita C. It does not work for

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NO  !! 

From all I've read, Vitamin C may not be a problem, but H2O2 is another story. H2O2 is Hydrogen Peroxide and IF it is food safe, up to about 10% and properly DILUTED it might be safe.

Remember it is a poison. I looked into it after I read an article from Canada about a treatment like you describe. I was unable to find "FOOD SAFE" H2O2 and after more research, I discovered 

that in a 90% solution H2O2 is ROCKET FUEL.  Need I say more?????       PLEASE LOOK IT UP !!    The 2%- 3% solution you buy at the drug store has STABALIZERS in it, and they are poison.

Pure Hydrogen Peroxide is very unstable.       IT BURNS at 30% and EXPLODES at 90%

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