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After 16 weeks off, 3 rounds of chemo, 35 radiation treatments, and 27 lbs lighter I go back to work tomorrow. In one way I am looking forward to it, seems like that will make me feel more "normal". On the other hand, a little anxious as to how I will do. I purchase and receive all the medications for a hospital so can be very stressful at times and there is a lot of lifting involved too. My boss says they are giving me help and they don't expect me to be 100% (that's good). I am trying to go in with the thought just do what I can do and I will be fine. I work with a lot of great people and I know they will be supportive as they have been thru my whole journey. They say they just want me back so wish me luck!

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Good luck for your return to work.
I started back last week after 10months off and was really pleased with myself.
I was tired but am sure it'll get better.
Well done!!!


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Great to hear you are going back to work!!

You my dear friend are a survivor of one of the toughest treatments known....so you just be sure and remember; work? Nothing to it ..you got this!! :) :) ...and to boot you got co-workers who actually want you back!! As a manager I'm sure "some" of my staff was NOT happy to see me return..lol...that's just the way it is in my world :)



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work has a way of putting us back where we were when everything hit the fan months ago...I don't go back for 2 weeks, but am already having some anxiety about how well I'll do...I talked to my boss, and he'll let me shadow another worker for a couple of days because they have new computer programs, since I left....plus other policy changes.

The anxiety I feel is will I be able to do the graveyard shifts??!! I used to get plenty tired when I hadn't been thru treatment, but now my eyes want to close at 11:30 every night...LOL...can't be doing that on the job.

You will have help, and that is wonderful for them to do for you....I think you're going to do just fine :).


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I'd much rather be fishing....

Unfortunatley I went back also..., I think I was off a total of 8 1/2 months (well worked from home) back in 2009.

Finished treatment mid June, back to work in the office part time in August and full time in September.

Though the circumstanse weren't good, I loved working from home, and on my schedule... I tried to convince them to let me work from home regularly as I didn't fall behind and kept up on all of my work during that time....

So far I haven't convinced them to let me work from home now, LOL....


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Congrads on returning to work ! I am rooting for you, and everyone else on their way ! (Phrannie includes you !) Keep us updated please...you have been and continue to be an inspiration to me ! Katie

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Yet another milestone under your belt! I recall how good it felt to get back. Hope the same for you.

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I went back last Monday after what seemed like forever that I'd been off.I finished treatment in June. I'll admit I'm real tired at the end of the day but it's one step closer to normal and now that I have a week under my belt I feel more confident. Just don't overdo it!

Kent Cass
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Do what you can, and pace yourself. I went back a month after the last rad, and discovered what chemo brain was...Pace yourself, and don't hesitate to pause and pace yourself. C is a big deal, and your survival of the battle is no doubt a bit more than your peers have had to experience for themselves. Might wanna remind any who give you a hassle of that fact.
Good luck.


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with that wonderful attitude you will be just fine.

keep in mind that your emotions and physical endurance will be all over the place and when you get home you will probably be tired for a couple weeks after work, rest when you can in the evenings. it will get better.

congrats on your return to making money's and having fun


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Another milestone on our road. Glad to hear when anyone makes it. Rick.

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Work is a great healer also. I felt tired for a reason when I went back to work. It felt good and still does after over 2 years back.
Wishing you the best,

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